TI7: Newbee sting EG into lower bracket 2-0

Posted by Isaac "RedCrayon" Celis at 08 August 2017 02:00

image source: dota2ti on Instagram

Newbee send the boys in blue, EG, to the lower bracket after a strong 2-0 victory over their fellow TI champions.

Game One

Newbee lineup

The Radiant

KAKA Sand King Sand King
Faith Disruptor Disruptor
uuu9 Venomancer Venomancer
kpii Abaddon Abaddon
Sccc Outworld Devourer Outworld Devourer
Puck Earthshaker Pugna Lycan Drow Ranger
Evil Geniuses lineup

The Dire

Mirana Mirana SumaiL
Naga Siren Naga Siren Zai
Kunkka Kunkka Cr1t-
Nature's Prophet Nature's Prophet Universe
Timbersaw Timbersaw Arteezy
Nyx Assassin Lich Weaver Alchemist Bloodseeker

Draftwise, Evil Geniuses had a great lineup full of disengage along with some great teamfight potential in Andreas 'Cr1t-' Nielsen’s Kunkka and Ludwig 'Zai' Wahlberg’s Naga Siren. Alongside, the global presence of Saahil 'Universe' Arora’s Nature’s Prophet, EG had a great lineup that seemed it would do well in most stages of the game. Newbee’s draft was similar to EG’s, albeit with a bit more teamfight potential in Hu 'KAKA' Liangzhi’s Sand King and Xun 'uuu9' Han’s Venomancer.

Early on in the laning stage, EG were in control, as Universe’s rotations to Artour 'Arteezy' Babaev’s lane allowed them to take a very early tier 1 tower and a tier 2 shortly after at twelve minutes. The absent towers allowed EG to take control of Newbee’s jungle, which forced some defensive play from the Chinese. With attention on the bottom half of the map, Zai was left to free farm on his Naga Siren in the top lane. EG’s early advantage fell apart at fifteen minutes, however, as Newbee turned a potentially disastrous teamfight around in the middle lane, taking 3 from the EG lineup along with the tier 1 mid.

That fight at fifteen minutes marked the turning point for Newbee, who from before that point, had been behind. Cowed by the previous blunder, EG let Newbee farm and it was Chun 'Sccc' Song who put it to grievous effect on his Outworld Devourer. Fight after fight, EG could not seem to execute their big combos and Newbee simply ran over the boys in blue, grabbing kills, and objectives one after the other. At 33 minutes, EG showed signs of life, after a great smoke gank onto Sccc, this led into pressure on Newbee’s highground. EG’s poor positioning, however, led to four deaths and a few minutes after, the loss. Newbee ran straight up the middle lane, taking tier fours and the throne, as without buybacks, EG were unable to stop them. Universe and Arteezy tried to dissuade the push with some ratting of their own, but failed as Newbee focused down the throne for a patient and composed victory.

Game Two

Newbee lineup

The Dire

KAKA Earth Spirit Earth Spirit
Faith Shadow Shaman Shadow Shaman
Sccc Queen of Pain Queen of Pain
kpii Bristleback Bristleback
uuu9 Bloodseeker Bloodseeker
Puck Earthshaker Nature's Prophet Enchantress Lina
Evil Geniuses lineup

The Radiant

Sand King Sand King Zai
Lycan Lycan Arteezy
Disruptor Disruptor Cr1t-
Enigma Enigma Universe
Necrophos Necrophos SumaiL
Nyx Assassin Lich Batrider Sven Silencer

Unlike game one, Evil Geniuses weathered the early game storm from Newbee, as their draft this time had a much slower tempo. EG opted for a heavy teamfight draft, and picked up a classic Enigma for Universe, and SK for Zai. Newbee went with a faster lineup that dominated the laning stage, but what seemed to be blatant issues in canceling the BKB-Blackhole. Despite this galring weakenss, Newbee executed cleanly, and capped off the series 2-0.

Early on, Newbee pressured the top and middle lanes heavily, keeping uuu9’s Thirst on Bloodseeker up, which allowed him to dominate Universe in the offlane. With pressure on the top and middle, Arteezy seemed to be the only one faring well in the lane on the EG side. Knowing that they were just looking for levels, EG weathered the aggression from Newbee, and found a golden opportunity to swing back into the mix at around fifteen minutes as Newbee tried to sneak and early Roshan from them. A quick Blackhole-Epicenter wombo combo cleaned up 3 from the Chinese, with Sccc, escaping with his aegis. Another great teamfight at eighteen minutes saw Newbee put fully on their backfoot, as Universe found another great Blackhole.

As the game went into the later stages, Newbee stayed composed under the threat of EG’s teamfight, and constantly split and pushed around map giving up only 1 or 2 kills when they were caught out. The thirty five minute mark, however, spelled a turning point for Newbee after catching a misplay by Universe, who Blackholed without his BKB. Newbee claimed 3 from EG, and the aegis and cheese shortly after. Renewed by the victory, Newbee turned the swing into a full set of barracks mid, along with a melee barracks bottom. EG tried to find another fight after Newbee backed off, but were unable to and settled back into defending their exposed base. After another fight at around fifty minutes where Newbee expended a majority of their buybacks, EG looked for a death push up the middle lane, but an amazing defense from the Chinese squad in on their highground forced a GG from the boys in blue, who now sit in the lower bracket. 

Newbee moves on to face fellow Chinese squad, iG while EG sit in the lower bracket, awaiting the winner of the bo1 between Cloud 9 and Team Empire , coming up in just a few hours.


Can Newbee overcome iG or will they fall to their fellow countrymen?

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