Easy group for Planet Odd at Galaxy Battles

Posted by Andreea "divushka" Esanu at 13 June 2017 14:11

picture courtesy of Epicenter

Galaxy Battles is set to begin in less than 12 hours with the seeding group stage for the main event double elimination bracket.

Day zero of Galaxy Battles will be an extremely busy one, as the entire group stage is set to take place throughout the 14th of June. There will be four series played at the same time, two from each group, and by the end of the day, two teams will have secured themselves a spot in the second round of the upper bracket main event and a day off, while the bottom teams from each group will fight for their tournament survival from the lower bracket.

One very lucky team in these circumstances seems to be Planet Odd who have been matched in group B with Invictus Gaming Vitality, Happy Feet and Infamous. The other group can easily be regarded as the group of death with Newbee, TnC, Mousesports and Vici Gaming, all looking to snatch a possible TI 7 invite via Galaxy Battles.

The group stage will kick off tomorrow, June 14 at 04:45 CEST/10:45 CST with all the matches streamed live on Twitch on the Galaxy Battles and Moonduck Tv’s respective channels. The entire event will also be broadcast in Chinese, Russian and Spanish.

Once the dust settles over the group stage, the Galaxy Battles main event will unfold at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium, on the 15th of June in a double elimination, best-of-three format with the grand finals being a bo5 battle.


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