hexOr: 'I never thought my channel would become as big as it is'

Posted by Loh Zhun Yew "Cookies326" at 05 January 2013 16:50
German player hexOr has been around for several years. During the days of DotA, he has been active in the competitive scene and has been one of the most successful Dota movie makers ever since. Having been a stand-in for several teams in 2012, he is now attempting a full comeback with his own German team.

See his 200th video right here:

Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Can you share with us your Gamescom experience (WCG Qualifier and SEE)?

It was fun, even though we only ended up being on 3rd place we enjoyed the time there, because it was a cool event, especially if you can play there with friends you’ve known for a very long time. It was also very interesting to talk to other people and also get to know each other better, e.g. Wagamama (at that time Infused).

Moving on to your video making/editing career. How time consuming is it?

It is indeed very time consuming, but I like to do it besides my real job and Dota 2. Most of the times, it is hard to keep my channel active, but I am trying my best to provide some cool videos as much as possible to my loyal fans and of course also to everyone else who likes to watch my videos.


You mentioned constant feedback. How do you cope with criticism and haters?

Nowadays my feedback, likes etc, is about 95-99% positive, so to be honest I don’t care too much about haters, because there will always be haters :) and constructive criticism is good, it is in my opinion not negative. However, I don’t get such a good feedback all the time, sometimes there are also videos which people don’t like. If some of them put constructive criticism in the comments, I might be able to improve the quality of the further videos, which is very important to provide the best quality all the time.

Blurpi has recently returned to the movie making scene. How would you describe yours and his editing style?

Lets start with Blurpi. Blurpi is one of the best Moviemakers I ever worked with. He is very experienced and as far as I can remember he is also visiting a Motion Graphics Class, not quite sure about that. Anyway, the reason why his videos are unique, is first of all the perfect sync with the music, it is just awesome if you really pay attention to it and the second fact is that he always comes up with something that no one has ever seen before in any other Dota movie yet, a new idea which just looks incredible. Compared to my edit, apart from Luck Is No Excuse 2, which was also time-consuming and a lot of work and with a lot of ideas, I rather edit my videos clean, so people can follow the actions better, without too many effects and camera spins.