Moscow5 win Star Series loser bracket final over CLG

Posted by Ulrich "KongoTime" Hanten 2 years, 33 weeks ago

Moscow5 secured the second slot of the Star Series grand final. After beating CLG, the Russians will now have a new opportunity to beat Na`Vi and defend their D2SC title last December.

Russia Moscow5
dark seer enigma sandking shadow fiend ancient apparition
Sweden CLG
leshrac chen vengeful spirit slardar lone druid

For the first game, Moscow5 pieced together a lineup with area-of-effect ultimates, mighty spells that, when combined, would allow them to win fights regardless of having an advantage or disadvantage. Vigoss on Sand King emerged to M5's driving force in the first ten minutes. His effective roaming secured the Russians several kills, especially MiSeRy's Leshrac at mid lane suffered severely under his presence.

CLG meanwhile, had decided to pressure top lane aggressively with a three-man delegation consisting of Vengeful Spirit, Slardar and Chen, which worked out smoothly as well. Not only did the Radiant's top tower get destroyed, the Swedes further managed to kill the opposing Dark Seer three times during the first ten minutes. On bottom lane, Pajkatt's solo Lone Druid managed to survive the Russian Shadow Fiend and Ancient Apparition duo and managed to farm a Radiance in time.

Two decisive fights at Roshan and another one later ahead of the Dire's base opened up the game for M5 who, once a successful Black Hole hit the screen, overpowered CLG in team fights every time. In both clashes, the Russians managed to steal Aegis away; a circumstance that didn't contribute to the Swedes moral either and lead to their definite defeat after 30 mintues and a poor outlook for the game to come.

Sweden CLG
natures prophet enigma venomancer riki pugna
Russia Moscow5
leshrac sandking crystal maiden earthshaker razer

Surprisingly, once Moscow5 saw that their magic-focused draft was to play against a Pugna, the second game distinctly lost priority to them. Going into the action not much went together for the Russians either. Their tripple lane on bottom consisting of Razor, Crystal Maiden and Earthshaker, which was supposed to dominate, didn't get much together. The lane even evolved to the Dire's main problem case, as sudden appearances by Chen and Prophet initiated every fight caught the Russians off guard.

MiSeRy's Pugna was the hero to shine once the laning phase was over. Having naturally benefitted from the lineup he was facing, he quickly managed to farm his core equipment, plus chose smartly to build a Pipe in order to block additional spell-caused damage. The longer the game went on, the quicker Moscow5's interest in winning the game dropped, which lead to an unspectacular finish and a third game to determine the winner.

Russia Moscow5
leshrac enigma venomancer windrunner shadow fiend
Sweden CLG
natures prophet sandking broodmother crystal maiden morphling

In the last game, PGG decided tp play Enigma once again and, as the game progressed, underwent a real rollercoaster ride of emotions. Moscow5's start into the game was far from good. Except Shadow Fiend on bottom lane, who kept the gold score for the Russians even almost by himself and later evolved to the strongest hero on the map, middle and top lane mainly let CLG's hope for a finish in their favour rise.

M5 appeared to be the weaker side until the very end. Many encounters did not go their way, but the hope of their main carry being able to pull through kept them in the game . PGG who became the most popular victim of CLG early on and marked the weak point of his team for a long time, managed to evoke a game breaking Black Hole during a fight in the Dire's base later, upon which Shadow Fiend secured three kills alongside Barracks and an unexpectedly quick finish.

The Swedes looked a bit stunned in regards to their sudden defeat, but eventually resigned and let their opponent's move on to the grand final, where Na`Vi is already waiting.
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