Dota 2 Items

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Inscribed Vest of the Bloodroot Guard Rare 24w ago
Autographed Pauldrons of the Witch Hunter Templar Uncommon 17w ago
Autographed Quiver of the Winged Bolt Uncommon 14w ago
Corrupted Fortune's Tout Immortal 32w ago
Autographed Dark Artistry Bracers Immortal 5w ago
Wings of the Gunboat Hegemon Mythical 36w ago
Genuine Classic Pin: Naga Siren Rare 24w ago
Armor of the Fervent Conscript Mythical 41w ago
Inscribed The International 2016 HUD Rare 31w ago
Loading Screen of the Hazhadal Magebreaker Mythical 39w ago
Gunboat Hegemon Loading Screen Mythical 36w ago
Sweat Emoticon Mythical 14w ago
Inscribed Offhand Blade of Broken Scale Uncommon 36w ago
Genuine Pin: The International 2017 Attendee Rare 14w ago
Shield of the Hazhadal Magebreaker Mythical 39w ago
Genuine Waaagh Cap of Little Big 'Un Rare 17w ago
Heykid Emoticon Rare 14w ago
Headdress of the Arkturan Talon Mythical 41w ago
Inscribed Pauldron of the Butcher's Wake Uncommon 36w ago
Bracers of Endless Stars Rare 5w ago
Genuine Pin: Queen of Pain Rare 31w ago
Genuine Lich Scythe of the Master Necromancer Rare 17w ago
Cog of the Keen Commander Rare 5w ago
Loading Screen of the Arkturan Talon Mythical 41w ago