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CLG vs Darer (old)


Rank: -

Country: Sweden Sweden

Clan: Counter Logic

57 % 43
25686 19377
127 bets 136

Darer (old)

Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Darer (old)


Amount of bets: 263 ( 45,062)
Event: » joinDota Masters
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 13, 2012 at 18:00
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Masters Special Edition - Quarter Finals


Comments (Closed)

SwedenEresea 4 years, 32 weeks ago
gogo CLG!
PhilippinesTheSHIT 4 years, 32 weeks ago
gogo DARER!
Indiallllsllll 4 years, 32 weeks ago
My bet: 5803 on CLG.
With these percentages, you may win: 7935.

Any Gosubet manager here? sad.gif
there is something wrong with my tangoes i have 5803 but for some reason it is showing 5753 (5803). crazy.gif
Please fix it..!

Thank You

P.S :- for the second time i m among top 10 gosubetters xD
UkraineAvrigus 4 years, 32 weeks ago
Bo1 so easy for Darer.
Swedenwh1te 4 years, 32 weeks ago
#3 Lol like anyone cares

Gooooo team Pajkatt!
SwedenEresea 4 years, 32 weeks ago
#3 Thank you for letting us know, it's probably a bug, I will forward it on :)


Philippinesxie 4 years, 32 weeks ago
#3. Congrts. I wonder where is ansat? He's not even in the top 60.
Iran, Islamic Republic of7_ShininGAngel 4 years, 32 weeks ago
All in Darer
Indiallllsllll 4 years, 31 weeks ago
#6 Please fix it fast befo i loose my tangoes tounge.gif

Or i'll hunt u down and kill you..! cool.gif
BangladeshLegoLas 4 years, 31 weeks ago
it is showing 5753 (5803).

Could you please go and check the My GosuBets link at the top of the page?
I think you have bet the remaining of the tangos in another bet. If its not the case something is wrong and will be looked into.
Czech RepublicBooncz 4 years, 31 weeks ago
So let's see how well is Darer preparing. People think that they are going to be outsider at TI, but I still believe in Arty. He's said that they weren't ready by far at SLTV some weeks ago, let's see how well are the preparations going. (They should be at least decent now if they want to be the top at TI)
Indiallllsllll 4 years, 31 weeks ago

#10 No there are no other pending bets.
U can go through my graphs aswell.. When i place a bet like i hv on clg vs darer match it shows me correct amount but in rankings as well as on top of the screen it shows 5753 (5803).
Swedenwh1te 4 years, 31 weeks ago
Surely this bet is the correct place for this discussion! Let's all deep into this matter further, rather than discussing this match!
Indonesiapandation 4 years, 31 weeks ago
usually when G and Mag well and farmed, darer wins the game. However they're not known for a comeback. They never seem to practice the situation when they're behind. But still, all (50) in darer.
Belarusartas 4 years, 31 weeks ago
My girlfriend thinks, that darer will win! manyhappy.gif therefore they should win!
Ukraineoprime 4 years, 31 weeks ago
coin flip? suprised.gif
BulgariaFirFo 4 years, 31 weeks ago
Darer should be able to stomp CLG if they wanna make something big at TI.
Otherzxcvbnmqaz 4 years, 31 weeks ago
good luck darer
BulgariaMe4onyX 4 years, 31 weeks ago
another first pick kotl for darer ...noone is picking this #%^ ..why are they rushing it lol?
United StatesAzarkon 4 years, 31 weeks ago
Wow, new line up from Darer.
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