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Quantic vs mouz


Rank: -

Country: United States United States

Clan: Quantic

46 % 54
4634 5439
83 bets 113


Rank: #14 (1,324 pts)

Country: Germany Germany

Clan: mousesports


Amount of bets: 196 ( 10,072)
Event: » Prodota2 League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: August 01, 2012 at 21:10
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Playoffs - round 1
Host: USeast

Stream, BeyondTheSummit
Stream, with Wilco
Steam ticket

Comments (Closed)

Germanywinternight 2 years, 1 day ago
Hype hype, gonna be good. CWM on holiday so mouz will be playing with standin.
United StatesWilco 2 years, 1 day ago
Casting this for great justice.
Moldova, Republic ofVASHE.PIZDETS 2 years, 23 hours ago
hope that 1437 at least will play
United StatesSoapinmouth 2 years, 17 hours ago
shit, my 2 favorite teams luckily they don't play each other often but will be hard to watch :P
Germanywinternight 2 years, 16 hours ago
#3 he is currently cocasting with tobi so I assume he will play.
AustraliaBTS.GoDz 2 years, 15 hours ago
SHould be finished with BTS World Tour, and ready to cast this match - -
Brazil-styfler- 2 years, 15 hours ago
Singsing after the game:

Germanywinternight 2 years, 15 hours ago
He already tried before. He failed at signing up.
GermanyGGdancer 2 years, 13 hours ago
sing not playing i guess
United StatesgLhF.rEvere 2 years, 13 hours ago
2 standins?
GreeceBeyondWonderland 2 years, 12 hours ago
lol singsing casts an african game haha

or just kky + 4
GermanyGGdancer 2 years, 11 hours ago
dafuq why isnt he playing with his team? oO
United Kingdomtwenty2catch 2 years, 11 hours ago
black doing absolutely nothing this entire game
Germanywinternight 2 years, 10 hours ago
Singsing didn't play becaues he promised to cast a game for someone. Why this game was more important than prodota league prize pool? Only Singsing knows.