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mouz vs iG


Rank: #14 (1,324 pts)

Country: Germany Germany

Clan: mousesports

47 % 53
19621 22126
130 bets 105


Rank: #2 (1,582 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: Invictus Gaming


Amount of bets: 235 ( 41,746)
Event: » BeyondtheSummit World Tour
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: July 19, 2012 at 18:30
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Online Group D - server USWest
Announcement, Buy tickets, English stream, Russian stream, All VODs

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Germanyrealfish 2 years, 44 weeks ago
Which serves will the game be in?
Russian Federationrakedaw 2 years, 44 weeks ago
Online Group D - server USWest
Chinaallen_ami 2 years, 44 weeks ago
hope iG can get 300- pings...
Germanyrealfish 2 years, 44 weeks ago
IG gets no change if the server is gonna set up in US.
United StatesAzarkon 2 years, 44 weeks ago
They have to play on US because EU is not able to play on SG / HK / etc.

It's basically going to be a lag fest for iG, but gonna be fun for Mouz.
AustraliaBTS.GoDz 2 years, 44 weeks ago
It's USWest where EHOME just played vs CoL (On 200-250ms pretty much fine)
United Statesvkky 2 years, 44 weeks ago
too easy win for iG. mouz only has a chance if they play on europe servers with 50 ping and iG has 700. mouz gonna go 0 in their group. so much for euro dota sky.gif
Côte d'Ivoirekolotoure 2 years, 44 weeks ago
i hope there's no lag in this match. IG is the top chinese team on dota 1. Let's see how they will perform against a EU team
BrazilAsdasdsa 2 years, 44 weeks ago
It seems USwest is fine for chinese

So iG take this easily hehe.gif
Brazilluc14n0 2 years, 44 weeks ago
IS USW ok for mouz ? How will be the pings ? 250 china - 200 eu or something ?
Chinashitdownpls 2 years, 43 weeks ago
Some people say EHOME had 350 ping on USW. I am Hoping USW at least give IG around 300-, then they still have a chance, but they will got outlaned hard on this. Yesterday EHOME's Kael got outlaned outCSed very hard by CoL' SandKing on the 2nd game. Commentators pls show us the ping for respect.
KyrgyzstanL3nNy.OSPL 2 years, 43 weeks ago
go go mouz!
United StatesAzarkon 2 years, 43 weeks ago
#6 Were they fine? The one game they played on SG, Ehome demolished coL - they outlaned and outfarmed them hard. I think there were stages in the game where Ehome had twice the CS coL had without a lot of engagements. On the other two games, coL outfarmed and outlaned Ehome, but Ehome was able to bring it back with ganks and tactics.

It was difficult to not see the difference between the game on SG and the games on USW. I don't know how it is going to be for iG, but I know t is unavoidable. No way to just fly the Chinese out / the Europeans in.
Russian Federationantosha 2 years, 43 weeks ago
Philippinesgrimryst 2 years, 43 weeks ago
No chance for iG..
Germanyrealfish 2 years, 43 weeks ago
I have to say iG>>ehome on the lan game, but when both team come across the lag issue, ehome is much more experienced in handling this issue than IG, I predict the result would be Mouz 2:1 IG
ChinaWorld_War_III 2 years, 43 weeks ago
it's very laggy around 300ping. Only good under 150ping for me. crash.gif
GreeceArt.D1e 2 years, 43 weeks ago
interesting match
Chinaallen_ami 2 years, 43 weeks ago
EHOME got 250~300 yesterday, but at ~2 AM 12:00 it was ~500 ms
Chinadragonair 2 years, 43 weeks ago
#11 I guess thats Lamn's own issue...In most games it is Dai which is using Invoker.
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