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NeoEs.Orange vs Zenith


Rank: #10 (1,388 pts)

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: Orange

40 % 60
32127 48190
162 bets 222


Rank: #6 (1,412 pts)

Country: Singapore Singapore

Clan: Zenith


Amount of bets: 384 ( 80,316)
Event: » Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 22, 2012 at 14:00
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Online loser second final
Announcement, Australia Godz and Triumph Twitch stream, Coverage with VODs

Comments (Closed)

ChinakenG 4 years, 10 weeks ago
Tongfu gonna take this and meet LGD in final. happy.gif
United Kingdomwong5544 4 years, 10 weeks ago
orange +u~
although i know u cant win
Hong KongArtofTrolling-_- 4 years, 9 weeks ago
It doesn't matter which team(Zenith/TongFu) come to fight, Orange will definitely rape them. In YamateH, WE TRUST cool.gif
Afghanistanzavr 4 years, 9 weeks ago
orange in bad shape, either zenith or tongfu will rape orange like np
Philippinesreverof13 4 years, 9 weeks ago
hyhy+Loda would be too much for Yamateh :D
Thailandkissigift 4 years, 9 weeks ago
why stream offline
Philippinesxie 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Why mushi is not playing for 3 consecutive games? ? But farming of Yamateh is good enough but not that fast as mushi..
Malaysiawhitefang 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Let and Live Loda
Russian Federationcurse127 4 years, 9 weeks ago
where stream? guys? crash.gif
Indonesiabelmontzzz 4 years, 9 weeks ago
has it started?
Brazilluc14n0 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Postponed to tomorrow.
Singaporepikachis 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#17 Yamateh farming aS fast as Mushi... should be, KYXY farm slower.
kyxy less experience playing on competitive games compare to Mushi n Yamateh. >.<

Different between Orange Esport and Team Zenith is, their support player...
Orange.Ice n Orange.X has more experience than Xfreedom n Xy-.

Xfreedom Chen < Xtinct Chen. Xtinct playing it Superb~

My bet will be on Orange. like last time...
fair ping and fair games...
Philippinesxie 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#12. When Yamateh used morph last game, I agree but when he used qop, not totally. ^^.gif But you're right, I think Orange has more good support players compared to Zenith.
United Kingdomwong5544 4 years, 9 weeks ago
impossible for orange to make it twice
ChinaIGFTW 4 years, 9 weeks ago
when zenith play in their training ground, will be hard for orange. hyhy is always yamateh's bitch, kicking out his team in crucial stage
MalaysiaCG.HoT 4 years, 9 weeks ago
i watch live dota 2 game yesterday the whole dire team was zenith and Yamateh was playing SF in radiant side with 4 random pub players, very funny when all the dire team focus on killing Yamateh. I guess this is the time Yamateh take revenge. LoL! btw... All bet on Orange ofc.
MalaysiaCG.HoT 4 years, 9 weeks ago
I hope more bets on Zenith so I can win more branches.
Indonesiaxvanhite 4 years, 9 weeks ago
in Zenith we trust
Malaysiatinkywinky 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#16 i saw yamateh feeding..
Russian Federationqlo.olp 4 years, 9 weeks ago
>>>zEn|†h'<<< Revenge sky.gif
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