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Zenith vs TongFu


Rank: #6 (1,412 pts)

Country: Singapore Singapore

Clan: Zenith

64 % 36
61642 34674
243 bets 170


Rank: #17 (1,273 pts)

Country: China China

Clan: TongFu


Amount of bets: 413 ( 96,315)
Event: » Gigabyte Dota 2 Masters
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: June 21, 2012 at 14:00
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Online loser first final
Announcement, Australia Godz and Triumph Twitch stream, Coverage with VODs

Comments (Closed)

United StatesAzarkon 4 years, 49 weeks ago
Winner plays Orange. Winner of that plays LGD.

Loser is out.

I think TF still makes a lot of over extension mistakes, but they have a style that Zenith is not able to exploit that easily. Zenith has excellent understanding of Dota 2 and a lag advantage. I think they're the favorite going into this, provided they don't do what they did vs. Orange.
Chinarahxe 4 years, 49 weeks ago
TF will make it.
zenith is overated.
Chinapjhol 4 years, 49 weeks ago
epic game,all in tongfu,gl both
Chinafuqiang90 4 years, 49 weeks ago
chinese teams always 200ms delay-.- if no delay i think tongfu wil win wink.gif
Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic offastforza 4 years, 49 weeks ago
Go TF!!
SingaporeStandNThrow 4 years, 49 weeks ago
BrazilToco_ 4 years, 49 weeks ago
go go zenith
Cambodia7thHokage 4 years, 49 weeks ago
Good luck both team.....
But last time i watch Orange vs Zenith...... Zenith perform very poor...... blush.gif
Thailandmisutha 4 years, 49 weeks ago
oh god a cambodian!
Denmarkdellebabz 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Good luck to them both!
United StatesClockSheep 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Revenge time is here
Philippinesgrimryst 4 years, 48 weeks ago
All in ZENITH !!

Hyhy ice and Loda.
Chinaoffigothen 4 years, 48 weeks ago
My bet: 290 on TongFu.
With these percentages, you may win: 704. sky.gif
United Statesmg-ac 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Look at those ratios. I swear to god Chinese teams always have high bets regardless of their rank and performance.
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Please bet on Zenith.
Indonesiaxvanhite 4 years, 48 weeks ago
#1 thats what happen when they dont play @lan (the razer HQ). the game vs tongfu,orange and iG are all played at their home and so the communication is not maximal leading to non-maximal game
United StatesCrush3d 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Please bet on Zenith.
Philippineslangka 4 years, 48 weeks ago
bet on zenith please
SingaporeStandNThrow 4 years, 48 weeks ago
#8 Because those games were not played at Razor HQ, and lack of xy-'s Warcry. Lol.

I heard iceiceice saying that the last few games will be played at Razor HQ. Nothing else but win all.
Australiascruff 4 years, 48 weeks ago
Some of you people need to get real. Lag is a viable excuse but not in this case. 200ms vs 100ms, there is barely any difference to make any difference. All my friends from China rather play on SEA servers than China servers because China server is unstable even when playing from China and there are regular spikes.
Stop crying about lag when some teams play on 300-400ms.
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