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Zenith vs EHOME


Rank: #6 (1,412 pts)

Country: Singapore Singapore

Clan: Zenith

47 % 53
11839 13350
70 bets 64


Rank: -

Country: China China



Amount of bets: 134 ( 25,188)
Event: » Prodota2 League
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 25, 2012 at 17:01
Posted by: ngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr

Match description

Bet submitted by Acehybrid

Division Asia

English stream
Russian stream
French stream

Comments (Closed)

United Statesmg-ac 4 years, 44 weeks ago
Oh this is going to be an intense and balanced match up
Singaporetriste 4 years, 44 weeks ago
is ehome going to continue dominating or zenith gonna stop them like usual:D?
IndiaLitmus 4 years, 44 weeks ago
Easy win for EHOME
ChinaZyclear 4 years, 44 weeks ago
all in for Ehome!!
Japanzsrightclickmj 4 years, 44 weeks ago
you have to be considering the spikes if not the ping, CN trash internet spikes hard. And 0ping vs spiky200ping, Zenith take this

That's why It's so difficult do play against singapore, bcos of the spikeping, and ofc they are highly skilled as well
Russian Federationnonkonformist 4 years, 44 weeks ago
I hope this game will not be played on Singapore's host
United StatesEpizootic 4 years, 44 weeks ago
Going to be epic.
Pakistan5hogun- 4 years, 44 weeks ago
#3 lol
UkraineRonnieJames 4 years, 44 weeks ago
go go ENOTE HOME!!
lately their playstyle rocked my heart, cheering for these guys and hope to see their agressive picks again.
AustraliakPhoeni 4 years, 44 weeks ago
X!! almost at my tinker level. all in ehome
Chinablachy123 4 years, 44 weeks ago
this is for what i was w8in
Pitcairn-K 4 years, 44 weeks ago
oh yeah the only sea cn team capable to stop ehome, waiting for this happy.gifmanyhappy.gif
United Statesikaycee- 4 years, 43 weeks ago
#12 True

IMO Zenith got this game. I've seen Hyhy's stream scrimming against them and never have i seen Ehome guys winning Zenith plus Zenith have already stomped Ehome in the official match few weeks back. Looking forward to see Loda's performance. GL both teams
Chinadragonair 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Lets see who is Asian No.1 ^^.gif
Russian Federationnonkonformist 4 years, 43 weeks ago
When they were playing last game, Ehome had 100+ more ping than Zenith
And played well despite that
Brazilfrost99 4 years, 43 weeks ago
United Statesikaycee- 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Well bro, lets see if they would play in SG sever or other. But know this, Zenith is very strong as well. After watching hyhy's stream multiple times it makes me feel Zenith > Ehome. We'll know the truth 13 hours later wink.gif
PhilippinesTheSHIT 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Zenith really strong team.. with Loda joining, i hope they will become even stronger!

Zenith all the way~~~ ^^.gif
Philippinesgrimryst 4 years, 43 weeks ago
of Course Zenith !!
Finally a decent match is incoming. Hope ehome can revenge.
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