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MiTH.Trust vs MUFC (Old)


Rank: #20 (1,229 pts)

Country: Thailand Thailand

Clan: MiTH

35 % 65
6393 11873
39 bets 65

MUFC (Old)

Rank: -

Country: Malaysia Malaysia

Clan: eclub


Amount of bets: 104 ( 18,265)
Event: » Prodota2 League
Best of: 1
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 14, 2012 at 15:00
Posted by: Tjernobylbarnet

Match description

Division Asia

United States Stream

Comments (Closed)

Viet NamR-Tama 5 years, 1 week ago
You guys are crazy
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 5 years, 1 week ago
Malaysia Orange5-10
Singapore Zenith3-11
China DK3-21.5
Australia AL3-32
Thailand Trust2-22
China Ehome2-22
Malaysia MUFC1-33
Vietnam Starsboba0-54.5
Bulgariadyfs 5 years, 1 week ago
this game will be interesting but last game MUFC owned i hope to see again good game on MUFC !
ChinaEvelynLo 5 years, 1 week ago
Tobi not gonna to stream this? any stream?
MalaysiaBabyF4CE 5 years, 1 week ago
LD from DC the English stream for this match ;D
Philippinesiii. 5 years, 1 week ago
MalaysiaSwft 5 years, 1 week ago
this gonna be big!
ThailandGamblerr 5 years, 1 week ago
lol Trust wont get to go to TI2
Pitcairn-K 5 years, 1 week ago
#2 so orage is qualified already for playoffs ?

#10 should they? sad.gif