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Darer (old) vs ???

Darer (old)

Rank: -

Country: Ukraine Ukraine

Clan: Darer (old)

57 % 43
8323 6279
175 bets 127


Rank: #55 (1,058 pts)

Country: Europe Europe



Amount of bets: 302 ( 14,601)
Event: » The Premier League
Best of: 3
Betting closes: Five minutes before start
Match starts: May 01, 2012 at 18:00
Posted by: Ex1leZ

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Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic offastforza 5 years, 4 weeks ago
I really want mTw to win :)
Russian FederationVopros 5 years, 4 weeks ago
Darer change their roster. Infa 90%.
Russian Federationmr.faker. 5 years, 4 weeks ago
All in mTw. God leaves Darer Team, so they haven't any chance. Artstyle can't play DotA 2 cuz he forgot how to do this after "The International"
Latviaminomoto 5 years, 4 weeks ago
Yeap if God leaves DaReR.... Artstyle team is done because God is like 90% of DaReR
United Kingdomzel_028 5 years, 3 weeks ago
lol Darer will still continue to play, I bet you didn't see the interview of santa
Russian FederationVizvezdenec 5 years, 3 weeks ago
G or ns most likely to leave darer.
Russian Federationbarabuda 5 years, 3 weeks ago
#5 all of us saw interview by santa, but doesnt matter still G or NS should leave darer and 90% its will G
Czech RepublicBooncz 5 years, 3 weeks ago
Their going to need to completely change their playstyle, if G leaves, because it was build on G outplaying everybody and carrying the game with semi-carries such as POTM, STORM, SF, QOP. You can't really replace him with any player...So let's see how it ends.

Supporting NS & co. since 2009
Russian FederationVopros 5 years, 3 weeks ago
NS in twitter: Soon we expect big changes
Because God met with ex-girlfriend of NS. NS and God will never play together anymore.
RomaniaCoccolino 5 years, 3 weeks ago
A better lovestory than Twilight.
GreeceBeyondWonderland 5 years, 3 weeks ago
#10 u mean Olga? hehe.gifhehe.gif
Israelzpt 5 years, 3 weeks ago
i think god will be out, since he lost to m5 :), and #9 AZEN can replace him like np.
Chinablachy123 5 years, 3 weeks ago
G and NS should slap this b1tch in a face and play dota

darer was a perfect team w/o deditcated farmer what made them so agresive and looks awsome, they just need some practice and as all can see they were improving very fast i hope that dont change
Viet Nammay3rd 5 years, 3 weeks ago
I hope that blond will restream this
OtherImpetuousTiger 5 years, 3 weeks ago
#10 HAHAHAHAH that's great, DRAMA INCOMING!!
P/s: she chose God instead of NS cause Ns is just $upport, G = carry, obvious decision!!!
Other960 5 years, 3 weeks ago
hopefully it's not azen, he's a weak player
Polandfisheer 5 years, 3 weeks ago
Tobis comment about teams finalising their rosters seems to be creating a storm in the scene, lets see if it calms down after some time
GreeceBeyondWonderland 5 years, 3 weeks ago
#17 lol,azen is so good that it hurts
ThailandVyperr 5 years, 3 weeks ago
Artstlye ♥
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