Keep calm and carry on

Posted by Bruno "shostakovich" Tomaz 2 years, 36 weeks ago
Every hero has a role. Venomancer slows everyone to a crawl and can keep dealing damage long after his death. Enchantress exists to steal Chen's creeps. And some heroes exist to cause massive trauma to their opponents. These heroes are the cornerstone of their team's strategy; they hold full complements of items and get highest priority when it comes to farm. Supports will die for them, utility heroes will break their keyboards for them and gankers will do their very best to hunt them down.

They are carries.

With The International II coming up, we here at GosuGamers Strategy have decided to take a look at some potential appearances in this tournament, as well as why they'll be played, how they'll be played, and who they'll be played with. Take a read, leave a comment, and above all keep your fingers crossed for some inventive and devastating play to come! Don't forget to click on the hero portraits to get a better look at the hero stats, thanks to Dota Academy!


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