Eight things to expect from The International 2.

Posted by Mauricio "Machz" Valverde 2 years, 38 weeks ago
On Friday, August 31st, the E-Sports world will turn its attention towards Valve's Dota 2 Tournament, The International! Given we are almost one month away from it, we know your guts can’t hold it anymore! To ease your suffering, we have compiled a list of eight things to expect from TI2.

Please, note the use of sarcasm.

1) Two weeks before TI2, the groups are drafted and published.
Dota fans all over the world are left in awe. Highlights:
EG and Zenith are drafted in group A
EHOME, IG, mTw, coL drafted in group B(oring)
A flaming group F composed by CLG, M5 and DK.

2) In a fan conducted interview afterwards, Zenith.Hyhy answers that his favorite food is Milk.
Shockingly, EG.Maelk tweets afterwards he is not attending TI2 Lan event stating: “I told Loomis to go all American”

3) Mouseports are called as the replacement for EG.
Suddenly, forums are filled with discussions of mouz.SingSing’s streaming capabilities and competitive pub-like gaming.
At least no one argues it's in-game drawing skills though.

4) League of Legends announces its USD 100 Billion season.
Because you know: Screw competition.

5) IceFrog finally reveals himself!
GosuGamers managed to get a photo of him. Gee, he really looks like an Ice Frog!
That awkward moment... | Hi IceFrog, you look like Ice Frog

6) In the opening game, caster Tobi Wan misses first blood.
Meanwhile in world V1lat: "Oioioioioioioioioi First Blooda!!"
Tobi Time | Maybe if I stand still, no one will notice.

7) Absolute Legends lags.
For days that is!

8) Mouz vs MUFC : Loser’s Bracket game 2.
Close to its 10th comeback of the tournament, Mouseports are defending its ancient and the inevitable happens, mouz.ComeWithMe uses his signature move: Echo Slam + Blink!
Holy, that was a game winning move!
Déjà vu anyone? | Hey guys, ulti's on CD. Don't know why!

Let us know, what do you expect to happen during this The International 2? Share with us your light-hearted suggestions!

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