BLOG: DreamHack Vengeance Cup: Day 1

Posted by Patrik "Raistlin" Hellstrand 2 years, 43 weeks ago
GosuGamers is reporting live from Jönköping, Sweden to give you everything from DreamHack Summer 2012, and the DreamHack Corsair Vengeance Cup in particular.

dhdota-780.jpgSaturday, 00:35 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgToo tired to read all the blog entries from Saturday? Then feast your eyes on the DAY 1 RECAP to get a full update. Matches continue tomorrow at 12:00 CET with Na`Vi and Counter Logic Gaming entering the tournament.

Saturday, 00:35 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgQuantic clinches the fourth playoff spot after coming back from a 10 kill disadvantage. This means the four teams to advance from today are Mousesports, Darer, Absolute Legends and Quantic Gaming.


Check out our interview with Absolute Legends' lone Canadian bLeek:

Saturday, 23:25 - KongoTime

kongotime-5050.jpgThe previously mentioned interview with Bulba and Universe has been rendered and is now available for watching. Their team Evil Geniuses will fight with mTw, SIB and DN-Gaming tomorrow for a slot in the knockout phase. Follow this link for the video.

Saturday, 23:25 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgHere's a sneak peak of KongoTime talking to Universe and Bulba from Evil Geniuses. Stay tuned for the video!

DSC_0125.JPGSaturday, 21:52 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgInfused just won the complete regame against 4FC. Even insisting on restarting the match completely with new picks and bans didn't help 4 Friends + Chrille. They only managed to get a single hero kill in the whole rematch.


Here's our interview with Robert "Nukes" Larsson, Dota 2 administrator at DreamHack.

Saturday, 21:27 - Trisnt

trisnt-5050.jpgA rough start for Group B in the Vengance Cup. Power went out for the Dota 2 stage forcing remakes of both games, Quantic and Absolute Legends were able to agree on remaking with same picks and lanes. As for Infused and 4 Friends + Chrille an admin decision was forced as teams could agree on how to remake. The crew took a decision to fully remake the game much to Infused's discontent. An interview with one of the admins should be up in about 45 minutes.

Saturday, 21:04 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgThe bans and pick phase is still live for Infused - 4 Friends + Chrille, but Quantic and Absolute Legends has started.


Blackshatan dies to Roshan! The Australian captain's Beastmaster play could have started better in this first round.

Saturday, 20:51 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgAlright, we're back a status update. Both games will be re-made, with the same hero bans and picks for Quantic vs. Absolute Legends. We're hunting both teams for comments on the ruling at this minute.

While you wait for the games to restart, check out our recently updated photo stream.


A happy group A front-runner.

Saturday, 20:21 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgThe Swedish derby, with Infused and 4 Friends + Chrille, is also in a limbo. Infused's Wagamama shares with GosuGamers they feel the advantage was theirs.

Saturday, 20:21 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgAt 17-17, the game between Quantic Gaming and Absolute Legends crashed. Apparently this affected all the 20 computers at the tournament venue. We also get reports that the game save on Valve's servers was not functioning properly. All games are paused at the moment. We have four men on spot trying to get a statement with a decision from the administrators.

The crook in the dilemma is according to our sources a power outage.

Saturday, 20:15 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgAny guesses on which Absolute Legend player this is?

DSC_0093.JPGSaturday, 19:43 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgFunfact from the Heroes of Newerth tournament: The Dota 2 team has switched back momentarily to HoN, because they want to take the easy money, as they don't expect a strong competition and the DreamHoN tournament has even higher prize money than the Dota 2 Vengeance Cup. If that turns out to be a good idea in the long run?

Saturday, 19:18 - Trisnt

trisnt-5050.jpgI want Your input on what to photograph! Leave a comment or tweet to @gosugamers and I'll do my best to capture it!

Saturday, 18:30 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgI'm still curious about this group seeding by DreamHack. Just today it has been told to the teams that the group A teams mousesports and Darer will play either group C or D. This will be decided with a coinflip. They will not play the teams of group B. So tomorrow there will be teams which have to play up to six games on one day: Three group matches and a best-of-three quarterfinal afterwards.

Saturday, 18:10 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgMouz finish on top of Group A, with Darer following a close second. Both teams will advance to the playoffs. Group B matches going soon.

DSC_0083.JPGSaturday, 17:28 - Trisnt

trisnt-5050.jpgKEITA and TTB are both knocked out of the tournament after the second round in Group A concluced. Darer and Mouz will be fighting for first place to be seeded into the playoffs. Pictures are updated on the flickr page. More to come after round 3 finishes.

Saturday, 17:18 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgCheck out our video coverage so far. More is coming up, but for now here's one with the DotA head admin Tjernobylbarnet, one with Keita duo Pinoy and bonzajajaj, and one where we give you an introduction to the player area:

Interview with Keita's Pinoy bonzajajaj

A walk through the player area

Interview with Tjernobylbarnet

Saturday, 17:10 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgWho will top Group A? Picks/bans for Mouz vs Darer are being streamed now. Here's the screenshot for the Mouz vs TTB match in round two.

singscreen.jpgSaturday, 16:19 - KongoTime

kongotime-5050.jpgWe just published an interview with Na`Vi's Alexandr 'XBOCT' Dashkevich. The most important thing he said was, that whenever members in a team know each other very well and establish a blind understanding for each other, you communicate less, hence you have more time to focus on how to beat the opponent. Have a read here.

Saturday, 15:20 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgFor those of you who were wondering what happened to the Darer vs TTB matchup - 30-11 in thirty minutes made it look like a walk in a park for the Ukrainian team. Screenshot courtesy of Darer's Mag.

DSC_0066.JPGSaturday, 15:00 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgMouz takes down Keita in the first streamed game of the tournament. Meanwhile, guess which Virtus Pro player decided to turn up at DreamHack after all... :D

DSC_0062.JPGSaturday, 14:44 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgzNation just entered the press area with a griffin. Time to take a picture! We caught it when it flew out of the room!

zNationGryphon.JPGSaturday, 14:05 - kurtcos

kurtcos-5050.jpgWith the games about to go soon, we managed to have a tiny chat with mTw's Kebap before the game. Here's Malnor with Kebap!

DSC_00381.JPGSaturday, 13:43 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgThe Tough Bananas is the third team to arrive at the DreamHack Dota 2 booth. syndereN just told us he is going to co-cast with TobiWan for the first group, so the question about the co-caster is now resolved. We can't wait to watch some games now!

Saturday, 13:05 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgOne hour left til the games begin, and to make sure you guys don't forget to place your GosuBets for the first group stage matches - here are the GosuBets! mouz vs. Keita-Gaming and The Tough Bananas vs. Darer.

Also, we're now a full quintet as Anton "Trisnt" Nielsen just showed up. He'll be bringing you a tonne of photos from the on-going action.

Saturday, 12:26 - Malnor

malnor-5050.jpgJust two hours left before the Dota 2 games start with Mousesports against Keita Gaming. Na'Vi is already on location, despite not having to play today. Zerogravity, the Na'Vi manager, complained about the Swedish weather (it was raining in the morning and now it's just approximately 15°C outside). Inside the halls, the weather doesn't really count. We already did two video pieces. Here is a preview picture, guess who we interviewed:

interviewkongotime-premiere-dhs12.JPGSaturday, 11:53 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgWe met up with Na'Vi at the DreamHack Vengeance Cup arena, and they were looking very confident. Na'Vi came fresh off a bootcamp session, they tell us. Expect a longer video interview with them later on. But for now, here's a photo of the guys!

dhs12-navi.jpgSaturday, 08:30 - Raistlin

raistlin-5050.jpgEarly morning, but here we are. Me and the guys will soon run down to the event venue. Games will not be kicking off for quite a while, as Keita, Mouz, TTB and Darer will open the group A games at 14:00 already.


Yesterday was travel day, and to keep myself and you entertained I took a trip down memory lane and went over the previous DreamHack champions. If you missed to follow me on Twitter, here's a recap:
This leaves @lodaberg with 3 gold and 3 silver at DH with MYM/SK/TLT/T_T. Counting his HON bronze w/ Druidz and you have 7 medals. #DHS12

DH Winter 11 was won by @mTwsyndereN's WHB over @FNATIC but that's modern history so I'll end my storytelling here. Get ready for #DHS12!

‏After the chaotic 09 final (no replays available due to disconnects), DH paused DotA and didn't resume until Winter 11 - with Dota 2 #DHS12

‏Winter 2009 was won by Tribal (Lacoste, PlaymatE, Gordan, Bane, Baja). Unique came 2nd w/ Pajkatt, MiSery, Minitito, durum, Longwolf #DHS12

‏DH Summer 09 @lodaberg's TLT (kWom/Twisted/MiSery/Miracle) won gold. @TheMaelk 2nd w/ MaNia, miGGel, Pusher, Angel playing as Ravens #DHS12

‏Back to normal in Winter 2008 as MYM took gold. SK end 2nd. MYM played w/ Maelk, Playmate, Pusher, H4nn1, MaNia. SK played w/o Akke. #DHS12

‏DH Summer 08 was when @lodaberg and SK took first place, and @TheMaelk's MYM came in third as EG (Remstar &co) clinched the GF slot. #DHS12

‏MYM's @TheMaelk succeeded to defend the title twice, winning DH Summer 07 AND Winter 07 over Loda's T_T (as SK at winter event) #DHS12

‏His first medal was gold and it was at DH Winter 06 playing with MaNia, Paccie, Akke (!) and Loda (!!!). Beat cZar in the final. #DHS12

‏A trip down memory lane: Jacob " @TheMaelk" Toft-Andersen has six DreamHack medals. 4 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze. #DHS12

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