Galaxy Battles

Galaxy Battles

General Information

Prize pool -$150,000
1. $69,000 (46%)
2. $22,500 (15%)
3. $18,000 (12%)

4. $13,500 (9%)
5-6. $9,000 (6%)
7-8. $4,500 (3%)


OPEN QUALIFIERS -- May 22-24 (CN/SEA/India) and May 29-30 (EU/NA)
- 5 Regions across the globe: South East Asia, China, North America, Europe and India
- The winner of each Open Qualifier will advance to the Regional Qualifiers
- Format: Single Elimination BO1
China: Register here
Europe: Register here
North America: Register here
South East Asia: Register here
India: Register here

REGIONAL QUALIFIERS -- May 25-26 (CN/SEA/India) and May 31-June 1 (EU/NA)
- 4 Main Regions: South East Asia, China, North America and Europe Each Regional Qualifier will have 7 Invited Teams and 1 Open Qualifier Winner (Except for South East Asia Regionals will have 6 Invited Teams, 1 South East Asia Open Qualifier Winner and 1 India Open Qualifier Winner)
- Winner of the Regionals will advance to the Main Event and join the 4 Directly Invited teams.
- Format: Round Robin (1 Group) BO2
MAIN EVENT --- June 14-18

GROUP STAGE -- June 14
- 4 Directly Invited Teams and 4 Regional Qualifier Winners play through a group stage. Placements in the Main Bracket will be determined based on scores.
- Format: Round Robin (2 Groups) BO2

PLAYOFFS -- June 15-18
- Eight teams
- Format: Double Elimination BO3, Finals BO5

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News for Galaxy Battles

Galaxy Battles honors TnC with a direct invite

Galaxy Battles has given the nod to TnC after some stellar performances recently, granting them the third invite to the LAN event scheduled to take place June 14 to 18 in Shenzhen China.

iG Vitality announced for Galaxy Battles

Following the Newbee announcement from earlier today, Galaxy Battles welcome iG Vitality as their second invited team to the $150,000 event.

Newbee granted NESO Galaxy Battles first direct invite

Newbee has been granted the first of four direct invites for the NESO Galaxy Battles event scheduled to take place in China June 14 to 18 at the Shenzhen Bay Sports Stadium in Shenzhen China.

Galaxy Battles is the newest $150,000 tournament of NESO: Open qualifiers to commence next week

Organized by the National Electronic Sports Organization (NESO), Galaxy Battles will take place in China from June 14 to 18 with four directly invited teams and four qualified ones fighting for a slice of the $150,000 base prize pool.

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