DreamLeague - season 7

DreamLeague - season 7

General Information

Prize pool - $175,000
1. $80,000
2. $45,000
3. $30,000
4. $20,000
Three teams from EU Division and one from NA Division qualify for the finals
Europe Division
-- Six invited teams, two qualified teams
-- Best-of-two round robin
North America Division
-- Three invited teams, one qualified teams
-- Best-of-two round robin
PLAYOFFS --- Jul 21-22
Playoffs taking place at Atlanta, USA
Teams: 4
Format: Double elimination Bo3 bracket. Grand Final: Bo5
Dreamhack Studio :
Sheever, SirActionSlacks, Fogged, ODpixel

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News for DreamLeague - season 7

NP receive one year ban from DreamLeague

NP have decided to withdraw for the second time in a row from a DreamLeague season, a decision that comes with one year ban for the entire organization.

Team Secret qualify for the LAN Finals of DreamLeague Season 7

After a stellar performance against Virtus Pro last night, Team Secret were able to emerge as the kings of the EU division and secure a ticket to Atlanta.

Alliance drop out of DreamLeague; EPG step in

Alliance has withdrawn from DreamLeague season 7 due to conflict in schedule with their invite from SL i-League Invitational. Elements Pro Gaming will step in as their replacement in the league.

DreamLeague 7 kicks off with a CIS double header

DreamLeague Season 7 kicks off tonight with a CIS double header - Vega vs Na'Vi at 18:30 CEST followed by their match against the Empire at 21:00 CEST.

CIS has four teams competing in the DreamLeague Season 7

The DreamLeague Season 7 qualifiers came to a close, Empire and Vega Squadron claimed the two European spots for the League stage, while Onyx took the only NA qualifier spot.

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