General Information

Prize pool - $500,000
1. $250,000
2. $100,000
3. $60,000

4. $30,000
5-6. $20,000
7-8. $10,000
Open Qualifiers
-- Europe (TBA):
-- America (TBA):
-- SEA (TBA):
-- China (TBA)

Regional Qualifiers --- May 6-14
- 4 regions, Europe, America, SEA and China
- Double elimination bracket, bo3 and final bo5
- 8 teams from each region, 6 invited + 2 qualified
- Winner advances to LAN
MAIN EVENT --- Jun 4-11
Location : Moscow, Russia
- 10 team, group stage and double elimination bracket

- 6 directly invited teams + 4 teams from qualifiers; 2 groups; 5 teams in each
- SE, 6 teams; top seed from each group start in semi-finals; the 2nd and 3rd placed teams proceed to the quarter-finals

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News for EPICENTER 2017

OG granted the first invite to EPICENTER: Moscow 2017

OG have been granted the prestigous first invite to EPICENTER: Moscow 2017. The boys in green will be one of ten teams to grace the stage with their presence, competing for the $500,000 prize pool June 9th-11th. 

Register now for EPICENTER: Moscow open qualifiers

Teams can now officially register for the EPICENTER: Moscow open qualifiers. 

EPICENTER 2017: Qualifiers and main event format announced

A few weeks ago we had the announcement of EPICENTER 2, to be held in Moscow. Now we bring you details of the qualifiers for the event.

EPICENTER returns for its second season of Dota 2 action

After what was one of the most memorable Dota 2 tournaments, held in Moscow in May of last year, EPICENTER returns with a second edition.

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