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TNC BF vs Sembu

Posted by BrknSword
Added 1 year, 32 weeks ago
Event TNC
Map v6.77b
Patch 1.26
Player one TNC BF
Player two Sembu
Display winner

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The DotA Tournament-Quarter Finals

Quarter Finals
Philippines TNC BF Philippines Sembu
Faerie Dragon TnCBFYel (Top)
Slithereen Guard TnCBFrennel (Mid)
Drow Ranger TnCBfPapet (Bot)
Ancient Apparition TnCBFmison (Jungle)
Nerubian Assassin tncbfbogs (Jungle)
Shadow Demon TNC-Lagro-123 (Top)
Phantom Lancer TNC-Lagro-PAO (Top)
Queen of Pain TNC-Lagro-S (Mid)
Magnataur TNC-Lagro-M (Bot)
Sand King TNC-Lagro-Morin (Jungle)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 59:53 Minutes

Match Stats


Current: 8.0 (6 votes)

Comments (Closed)

United Statesshitson123 1 year, 32 weeks ago
all TNC's are fighting each other, crazy.gif
BrazilHyP- 1 year, 32 weeks ago
good game, nice moves by puck and slardar
Indonesiaiwashere 1 year, 32 weeks ago
admin,please upload another replays for this tournament. semi and final maybe :)
Indonesiaiwashere 1 year, 32 weeks ago
thanks before :)
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 1 year, 31 weeks ago
no upload yet... zZzZ..
nice both Tnc,s
Iran, Islamic Republic ofShahi.KG 1 year, 31 weeks ago
tounge.gif good game
Philippinesjanzskies123 1 year, 31 weeks ago
Can someone help me..?

I can't watch the replays :(

It says : The map file associated with the replay could not be found. Please make sure the map file 'Maps\Download\DotA v6.77b.w3x' used by the recorded game exists and try again.

Please help mee..! I really want to watch the REPLAYS :(

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