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Pacific.Revitalize vs iZone.Gigabyte

Posted by BrknSword
Added 1 year, 32 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.77b
Patch 1.26
Player one Pacific.Revitalize
Player two iZone.Gigabyte
Display winner

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GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament-Grand Finals

Match 3
Philippines Pacific.Revitalize Philippines iZone.Gigabyte
Bounty Hunter Pacific420Ku (Top)
Dragon Knight PacificALTC (Mid)
Shadow Demon PacificEmz (Mid)
Nerubian Weaver PacificAcEPALIT (Bot)
Ogre Magi PacificInso (Jungle)
Phantom Lancer iZONEGIGABYTEas (Top)
Skywrath Mage iZONEGIGABYTEam (Mid)
Queen of Pain iZONEGIGABYTE10 (Bot)
Sand King iZONEGIGABYTEsk (Jungle)
Keeper of the Light iZONEGIGABYTEkC (Jungle)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 51:30 Minutes

Match Stats


Current: 8.5 (18 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indonesiaiwashere 1 year, 32 weeks ago
great comeback by ALTC after poor early game <3
who are you ALTC?new roster in this gest?
Philippinesinchoker 1 year, 32 weeks ago
#1 ALTC = Santino happy.gif
Indonesiaiwashere 1 year, 32 weeks ago
wew l think santino is ACE @.@
PhilippinesCheesy04 1 year, 32 weeks ago
Ace is Ace, their so-so trilane carry. Santino is ALTC that kid who does better Dota than peeps 4 or so years older than him. 420KU/Kuku must be a new guy, unless he is actually XILE. Ugh I hate it when they change their damn names =.=
Viet Nambacstuaans 1 year, 32 weeks ago
I think 420Ku is the best player in 3 total 3 games.
PhilippinesCheesy04 1 year, 32 weeks ago
I can definitely agree with that.

But I must say that Santino's comeback really surprised me. Started with shit 0-4 score then a change of luck happened and the ball kept rolling.
Bangladesh_GoDforSaken_ 1 year, 32 weeks ago
that ogre :D :D 25 min fight
BulgariaJin_T0niC 1 year, 32 weeks ago
Pizza party from pacific wink.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic 1 year, 32 weeks ago
what can i say santa.gif

RR & gg very good manyhappy.gif
Philippinesneth0506 1 year, 30 weeks ago
So frustrating heroes in izone :( .....

Gratz Pcfc Revitalize :)
Philippinestokimim.sad 1 year, 30 weeks ago
the DK is STRONG enough.!! wink.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofShahi.KG 1 year, 30 weeks ago
^^.gif^^.gif gg
PhilippinesHusShh 1 year, 25 weeks ago
Gondar <3 offlaner manyhappy.gif

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