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Pacific.Revitalize vs NeoES-G7

Posted by BrknSword
Added 2 years, 21 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.77b
Patch 1.26
Player one Pacific.Revitalize
Player two NeoES-G7
Display winner

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GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament-Group Stage Round 1

Group Stage
Philippines Pacific.Revitalize Myanmar NeoES-G7
Phantom Lancer PacificInso (Top)
Ancient Apparition PacificALTC (Top)
Dragon Knight PacificAcEPALIT (Mid)
Faerie Dragon Pacific420Ku (Bot)
Grand Magus PacificEmz (Jungle)
Nerubian Assassin NeoESG7-VrKat (Top)
Silencer NeoESG7-Leo (Mid)
Magnataur NeoESG7-Kenji (Bot)
Skywrath Mage NeoESG7-KaLay (Jungle)
Moon Rider NeoESG7-ShowTi (Jungle)

GameMode: -so
Length: 36:30 Minutes

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Current: 7.0 (3 votes)

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