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NO vs mD

Posted by MyDreamLife
Accepted by BrknSword
Added 1 year, 49 weeks ago
Event ETDT
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one NO
Player two mD
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EuroTurkiye DotA Tournament 13-Final

Game 3
Turkey NO Turkey mD
Sand King NO.FEROXKS (Mid)
Anti-Mage NO.KILLEMALL (Bot)
Grand Magus NO.PLUSONE (Jungle)
Stealth Assassin mD.Furi (Top)
Guardian Wisp mD.MyDreamLife (Top)
Storm Spirit mD.Replicent (Mid)
Earthshaker mD.DarkNesS (Mid)
Batrider mD.Bohemamca (Bot)

GameMode: -cmzm
Length: 57:43 Minutes

Match Stats


Current: 7.0 (9 votes)

Comments (Closed)

TurkeyTh3DarkN3sS 1 year, 49 weeks ago
r2 wisp gg wink.gif
FranceSkyHul 1 year, 49 weeks ago
Is this anti mage player considered as pro ? I mean he lost the game getting Battle Fury, very useless item when you die in 1 second because you are silenced by smoke/malevolance. What about getting manta and win the game ? Gj KILLEMALL, the only good thing you did well in this game is getting good creep stats.

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