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Pacific.Emaxx vs iZone.Gigabyte

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 21 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Pacific.Emaxx
Player two iZone.Gigabyte
Display winner

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GEST September-Lower Bracket

Semi Finals
Philippines Pacific.Emaxx Philippines iZone.Gigabyte
Dark Seer PacificChnEMAXX (Top)
Queen of Pain PacificBybEMAXX (Mid)
Nerubian Weaver PacificHugEMAXX (Bot)
Earthshaker PacificNmaEMAXX (Roaming)
Ancient Apparition PacificDonEMAXX (Roaming)
Anti-Mage iZONEGIGABYTE19 (Top)
Invoker iZONEGIGABYTEam (Mid)
Grand Magus IZONEGIGABYTEkC (Roaming)
Faerie Dragon iZONEGIGABYTE10 (Bot)
Sand King iZONEGIGABYTEsk (Roaming)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 73:23

Match Stats


Current: 9.0 (9 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Greececrossmax 3 years, 21 weeks ago
I am so gonna watch this! It looks so interesting :)
PhilippinesRenzArt 3 years, 21 weeks ago
RR :)

What a Huge mistake from Antimage FF-ing that Queen of Pain in the end 10 secs BKB wasted should've killed AA or ES & TBH useless Invoker.

Myanmarantilover 3 years, 21 weeks ago
Woo WOo This is really nice and Interesting Match santa.gif Still Didn't know Who would Win At the Near of Very Time GG WP tounge.giftounge.gif
Philippinespau13pau 3 years, 21 weeks ago
Joven's invoker Lose??? sad.gif
Denmarkk1bot 3 years, 21 weeks ago

Greecen(1n)J(a)z 3 years, 21 weeks ago
Yep this is really RR worth
Viet NamVietnamesedota 3 years, 21 weeks ago
Nice game!!! happy.gif
Romaniakois 3 years, 21 weeks ago
RR this, cuz
and magina lost crazy.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofPwM.PuSheR 3 years, 18 weeks ago
Nice Game , really nice ...

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