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Olympians vs Mineski

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Event GMPGL 4-8
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Olympians
Player two Mineski
Display winner

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GMPGL 4-8 Class A Finals

Philippines Olympians Philippines Mineski
Windrunner Olympians.G (Top)
Shadow Fiend Olympians.asdas (Mid)
Shadow Demon Olympians.Bilog (Bot)
Centaur Warchief Olympian.DrbL33 (Bot)
Sand King Olympians.^c (Roaming)
Earthshaker Mski.Rr?.PColor (Top)
Naga Siren Mski.JJR.PColor (Top)
Grand Magus Mski.716.PColor (Mid)
Faerie Dragon Mski.Jay.PColor (Bot)
Holy Knight Mski.wtz.PColor(Jungle)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 44:38

Match Stats


Current: 8.1 (10 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Iran, Islamic Republic ofsaeed.lolmaster 3 years, 39 weeks ago
nice replay :D
this is RR
PhilippinesLXG_FLY 3 years, 39 weeks ago
gonna watch this later TI2 is still ongoing.
Philippinesimbawootz 3 years, 39 weeks ago
replay could not be loaded zzzzzzzzzz
Indiapulpy 3 years, 39 weeks ago
this is actually a gg.. recommend this..
Argentina112358 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Poor play by Nevermore. Anyway, i like this team Olympians. Minesky are Minesky. =)
Philippinesryne 3 years, 39 weeks ago
mineski-every player do their job til d end of this game..nice reply RR

China-zenki 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Olympians.asdas = Nando the one who replaced Julz
Iran, Islamic Republic ofstorm.tears 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Good Job Mineski
PhilippinesMhyco- 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Viet Namgoat13 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Great match! Cent quite fat but that's not enough blush.gif
UkraineAnalRapist 3 years, 39 weeks ago
Wow, this game is amazing, definitely a RR!
IndonesiaMary.Elizabeth 3 years, 39 weeks ago
what a play by mineski, amazing....
Peruzure6 3 years, 38 weeks ago
upload all the replays of GMPGL 4-8

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