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Pacific.Palit vs Neolution

Posted by seiraeya
Added 2 years, 50 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Pacific.Palit
Player two Neolution
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Philippines Pacific.Palit Thailand Neolution
Morphling PacificAcEPALIT (Top)
Invoker PacificRCGPALIT (Mid)
Faerie Dragon PacificXL3PALIT (Bot)
Sand King PacificLWYPALIT (Bot)
Shadow Demon PacificEmzPALIT (Bot)
Windrunner RoccatlNeo-7493(Top)
Ancient Apparition RoccatlNeo-Baz- (Mid)
Prophet RoccatlNeo-KyT (Bot)
Lone Druid RoccatlNeo-TS (Bot)
Holy Knight RoccatNeo-nOcsm (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 55:58 Minutes

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Current: 9.1 (30 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesseiraeya 2 years, 50 weeks ago
Worth RR!
IndiaBlooD.Rush 2 years, 50 weeks ago
EPIC !!!
Philippinesxyxspliffy 2 years, 50 weeks ago
allowed? or dq?
Philippineslaway 2 years, 50 weeks ago
^ i think it's allowed. emaxx also questioned godz about backdooring during their match against svr_es. he said that it is allowed.

i can't understand palit. they should have def let morph & invoker do the pushing in the mid (they are successful with it) and have puck, sd & sk def. but instead they decided to go all out and the rest is history. crazy.gif
PhilippinesSuoh_Mikoto 2 years, 50 weeks ago
when I've watched it during the ban/pick phase when Neo picked Furion first I knew they would rely on pushing and here it is.....

The Perfect lineup for pushing sleepy.gif
Romaniakois 2 years, 50 weeks ago
Nice try wr-chen on morph @ min 25:10 ^^.gif .
Good job Palit, even with that high pings you still managed to play this, really scary invoker crazy.gif
Crazy ending or what ?!?!? hehe.gif
Worth the RR!
PhilippinesMJwizardy007 2 years, 50 weeks ago
Worth RR!
Entertaining and Exciting Match !!!!

Just Trolling! :)
Zimbabweradamanthus 2 years, 49 weeks ago
nice job for neolution not giving up the fight, and dat wr is so sneaky
Indonesiapreachers 2 years, 49 weeks ago
somebody please tell me. are neo play with same roster as last month gest?
is that intreso who play sylla?
Indonesiasetsuna 2 years, 49 weeks ago
GG tounge.gif
TurkeyDvS.Damn 2 years, 49 weeks ago
─░nsane match!
ThailandNeolution 2 years, 49 weeks ago
This is The Same Roster# 9

NeoESltAji = 7493
NeoESlBallyz = Baz
NeoESlInTreso = TS
other Same name
PhilippinesLXG_FLY 2 years, 49 weeks ago
smoke and BD nice one. hahaha.

Indiajay1120 2 years, 49 weeks ago
after long time RR ...!!! hehe.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofPhanthom- 2 years, 49 weeks ago
best chen ever hehe.gif

RGC god of voker TT.gif
Indonesiagameplayer1000001 2 years, 49 weeks ago
Who's the MAN?! opps...

It Should be Who's the WOMAN!!!

HELL YEAH.... indeed it's WINDRUNNER! perfectly name for the hero, good job ICEFROG!

Furion might have failed, but there is the 'Wind of Change'.. if you know what i mean..

Like they say, you can't win against the WIND!!!

Philippines-mErRilLiOo- 2 years, 49 weeks ago
morp should tp back to stop WR with EB..

WR like a boss cool.gif
Indonesiascizorx 2 years, 49 weeks ago
invoker cool.gif
United Statesmaphack925 2 years, 49 weeks ago
why no bd protection?
Brazilmagosant0 2 years, 49 weeks ago

EPIC GAME '-' ,,,,,,,,,,,,, LOVE NEOLUTION <3
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