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MSIevoGT vs LedionDreamz

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 9 weeks ago
Event GMPGL 4-7
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one MSIevoGT
Player two LedionDreamz
Display winner

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Finals 1
Philippines MSIevoGT Philippines LedionDreamz
Venomancer MSIevoGTk1moTnC (Roaming)
Nerubian Weaver MSIevoGTnaEjTnC (Top)
Earthshaker MSIevoGTtAkTnC (Top)
Queen of Pain MSIevoGTaja2TnC (Bot
Slithereen Guard MSIevoGTrArATnC (Mid)
Crystal Maiden DrmzLedSseriesY (Top)
Grand Magus DrmzLedSSeriesJ (Top)
Prophet DrmzLedSSeriesX (Bot)
Chaos Knight DrmzLedSSeriesL (Top)
Dragon Knight DrmzLedSSeriesO (Mid)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 35:22


Current: 7.0 (9 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesinexor.siopao 3 years, 9 weeks ago
PhilippinesNamikaze 3 years, 9 weeks ago
^ not exactly
Iran, Islamic Republic ofAZ_punk 3 years, 9 weeks ago
It's because just PHILIPPINES are playing DotA 1 tounge.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofInsighT.Is.My.Name 3 years, 9 weeks ago
there are some chinese DotA1 but no replays just videos :(
Indonesiakangshin 3 years, 9 weeks ago
where all the chinese ehome and LGD replays?
Philippinessnapcase 3 years, 9 weeks ago
^ you can watch it in youtube those latest chinese dota replays in youqu channel..
Malaysiarednave91 3 years, 9 weeks ago
^ i prefer watch the replay..please kindly upload chinese dota replay if there is any..i miss the old chinese dota war...
Philippinesjake2222 3 years, 9 weeks ago
Chinese leagues don't release replays now. You have to watch the VODs from youku or youtube if available.
Philippinespau13pau 3 years, 8 weeks ago
aww so sad.. i miss e-home and LGD replay.. and other Malaysian teams
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 3 years, 8 weeks ago
We must adapt with all we have now... no way sleepy.gif

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