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Neolution vs Trust

Posted by seiraeya
Added 2 years, 26 weeks ago
Event TESL
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Neolution
Player two Trust
Display winner

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TESL Dota 2012 Quarter 2

LB Finals
Thailand Neolution.eSports Thailand Mith.Trust
Sand King NeoES-MiGGy (Top)
Stealth Assassin NeoES-GB (Bot)
Grand Magus Neoes-CTW (Mid)
Pandaren Brewmaster NeoEs-BB (Mid)
Guardian Wisp NeoEs-AA (Roaming)
Ancient Apparition MiTH-TrlTnK (Mid)
Tidehunter MiTH-Trlr5r5 (Roaming)
Batrider MiTH-TrlaabBAA (Top)
Chaos Knight MiTH-Trlthaa (Mid)
Bounty Hunter MiTH-TrLaKelz (Bot)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 71:1


Current: 8.8 (6 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indonesiapreachers 2 years, 26 weeks ago
where are neo new roster?
IndonesiaMary.Elizabeth 2 years, 26 weeks ago
awesome... i like the scourge's lineup!!!
Malaysiajamessullivan 2 years, 26 weeks ago
too bad neolution change dark seer with sk/panda. nice counter by draft bh out :D
SingaporeYajeebS.Wafuxb 2 years, 26 weeks ago
nice counter by trust ! riki+wisp = fail >:)
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 2 years, 26 weeks ago
#4 no fail by riki and wisp.. they just thought they win the game,,, too late bkb by riki crazy.gif
United Statesshitson123 2 years, 26 weeks ago
i really thot that neolution will be the top team in thailand coz in their performance in GEST, i guess not yet. GOGO, come participate to August's GEST.
ThailandNeolution 2 years, 26 weeks ago
This is our Old Line up TESL not allow new Line up to participate
Myanmarh4te 2 years, 26 weeks ago
riki bkb late or early is not the turning point of the game. i guess turning point of the game is bounty & ck got the bkb early
Peruzure6 2 years, 25 weeks ago
in mith trust,we trust blush.gif
Pakistansxamy 2 years, 25 weeks ago
lengthy but nice game...

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