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MSiEvoGT vs XcN

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 18 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one MSiEvoGT
Player two XcN
Display winner

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Group C
Philippines MSiEvoGT Indonesia XcN
Nerubian Weaver MSIevoGTkimoTnC (Top)
Stone Giant MSievoGTnaEjTnC (Mid)
Queen of Pain MSIevoGTdocTnC (Bot)
Ancient Apparition MSIevoGTmAxTnC (Top)
Earthshaker MSIevoGTrArATnC (Top)
Morphling XCN-KOALA (Top)
Crystal Maiden XcN-PPPmyt (Top)
Windrunner XCN-StarLighT (Bot)
Grand Magus XCN-XLR8 (Mid)
Holy Knight XCN-LORDBUBU (Jungle)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 47:46


Current: 5.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Iran, Islamic Republic ofHenry_Loda_14 3 years, 18 weeks ago
gogo lord wink.gif
PhilippinesGG.Shanks 3 years, 18 weeks ago
this replay is gonna be removed anyways...

2nd.. lol
Philippinespagsapuge24 3 years, 18 weeks ago
guys where can i watch live games?when?pls answer..thanxx
United Statesngazirrrrrrrrrrrrr 3 years, 18 weeks ago
Check bets and news about live games.
Indonesiaannoying 3 years, 18 weeks ago
Indonesiariezey 3 years, 18 weeks ago
nice wave koala santa.gif
BahamasNateJr 3 years, 18 weeks ago
need 47 min to sack indonesian team? even cambodia faster than this,
come on MSI r u kidding me? suprised.gif

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