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MSiEvoGT vs XcN

Posted by seiraeya
Added 5 years, 26 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one MSiEvoGT
Player two XcN
Display winner

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Group C
Philippines MSiEvoGT Indonesia XcN
Nerubian Weaver MSIevoGTkimoTnC (Top)
Stone Giant MSievoGTnaEjTnC (Mid)
Queen of Pain MSIevoGTdocTnC (Bot)
Ancient Apparition MSIevoGTmAxTnC (Top)
Earthshaker MSIevoGTrArATnC (Top)
Morphling XCN-KOALA (Top)
Crystal Maiden XcN-PPPmyt (Top)
Windrunner XCN-StarLighT (Bot)
Grand Magus XCN-XLR8 (Mid)
Holy Knight XCN-LORDBUBU (Jungle)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 47:46


Current: 7.3 (3 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 26 weeks ago
in this match you can notice how fool koala is.
he's going for sakadi, not manta when the team need pushing power to win the game.
obvious is obvious
Indonesiajagoan 5 years, 26 weeks ago
@#1 who the hell u think u are? A pro? Even though XcN / Koala play bad, they won GEST id qualifier... U said Koala noobs, what about the other Indonesian teams? An idiot? This team even better than deperruku who can barely play rhasta... See Deperruku replay against Izone...
Indonesiaarz_steal 5 years, 26 weeks ago
well this isn't ID qualifier, they should've prepared better, it's not a pub game, they shouldn't underestimate their opponent, it's their weakness. impresive individual skill with lack of war positioning
IndonesiaVanAuger 5 years, 26 weeks ago
Formation : 4-1

4 protecting 1

Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#2 not need to become a pro to realize the team desperately need a pushing powers.
just watch the game. you'll get what's my point

i see that match too. azam wr win 1on1 vs jhoven invoker in mid. one of the best player in ph. their rasta not too bad either. he can dominating puck on top line.
Indonesiafurion92 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#1 Don't judge someone to be noobs or not.. They are one of Indonesian representative so we have to support them all even though they are not in the best form.. Anyway this is their debut in gest so maybe they still got nervous

So sad ritter art can't participate in gest id qualifier and also in gest.. Hope to see them back in action soon
IndonesiaMiny 5 years, 26 weeks ago
While other countries support their countries Indonesian people still fighting each other XD
PhilippinesGG.Shanks 5 years, 26 weeks ago
co-co-combo breaker! tounge.gif

nice game... ^^.gif
Philippinestriztankc 5 years, 26 weeks ago
wahahahaha manyhappy.gif All Indonesians are fool, Idiot and stupid,!!uwahahahaha!!! cool.gif ......and Please stop playing dota!!FOOL!..........FILIPINO RULES!!! cool.gif
PhilippinesLinebreaker 5 years, 26 weeks ago
@7- really? since when did you join gosugamers? tounge.gif

i bet you don't know much about us Pinoys.. ^^.gif
Indonesiajagoan 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#5 Yes, the SS owning early games. Generally, people play Rhasta should have dominated early games and it is usual. But he rarely combo his ulti with critter and shackle. I dunno why... Always got caught and killed as well like food...

Yes, you should say it is the team fault not only one / two player... I dont think Koala play the worst and he is not bad player either ..

In my opinion, the reason Indo teams always lost is becaise Indo teams playstyle are too passive. They should have put at least 4 people in ganking and support role next time and bring TP scroll. That's why they always being outganked because there are many people creeping while enemies have at least 4 people ganking on early games.. Also they have bad map awareness and map control. I miss melen and veleno warding the entire games only to but wards.
Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 26 weeks ago
for all my fellow countrymen. don't misjudged me because of this comment. im a die hard fanboy of my country teams but this time i want to spilt the truth. xcn have an early advantage i believe. invoker got nothing in early stage but they can't capitalize it and a huge mistake item build from morp hurt them more. that's my point.
Indonesiaannoying 5 years, 26 weeks ago
a critical judgement followed by angry fanboy and then its out of topic
#1 point is simple. just talking about item choice
and then #2 the angry gentleman replied with who the hell #1 is.
followed by talking about another indonesian team, another person, another match.
#1 said how foolish koala in this match. IN THIS MATCH DUDE.
#1 didnt compare koala to another team or another person or another match or even to #1 himself.
if you want to defend koala you can just said why he chose skadi over manta. or why did he bought skadi. if you cant argue over it and insisting on creating another topic, then #1 is right. koala should have bought manta.
well then, lets tell him.
koala, wherever you are, you are a damn good player, but if you happen to have a match like this again, buy manta so you can win the match and everyone will be happy.

deep in our heart, im pretty sure all of us supporting indonesian team.
Philippinesimbawootz 5 years, 26 weeks ago
im pinoy wohoooooooo!
Indonesiajagoan 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#13 Ok, u r right im a fanboi... But i have to tell that Koala did not buy manta is a smart choice because there is Es and QOP which have AOE spells... And the only one play bad is not only Koala thats what i meant. He is not the worst.. Ok forgive me for my fanboism...
Indonesiaannoying 5 years, 26 weeks ago
hmm after watching i also thought that maybe because of that he didn't buy manta. but skadi? mmmm maybe bekabe is better but im not sure
im a support player i dont understand the world of carry

and as a support, something else is disturbing me...
why CM as last pick?
VS is better. command aura on morph can add +100dmg.
and more pushing power for chen's creep.
as we can see on this match its much easier to babysit using CM than VS.
but if you decide to pick chen before, then it means you dont want to babysit anyone. you want to gank and push and gank and push.
and venge can do that as good as rylai
Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 26 weeks ago
chill out buddy. no need to flame each others.
i have one more question about xcn participating in this month gest. ritter said they can't attend but when i see ency replay ency play with a couple of ritter player. how can that thing happen?
IndonesiaFiction7 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#1 u pro enuf to beat Koala ?? saying stuff like tat. Judging how fool he is ??
u made my day :) Koala is one of the best Indonesian Dota Player.
Indonesiakagomechan 5 years, 26 weeks ago
#3 They got the information to replace art 2 days before GEST :( So lack of time for preparation.

#17 Awake have been inactive in dota competitive scene since last month. And because we need to attend some events, we decided not to participate in GEST July. Maybe Ency ask Awake to help them this month.

We also want to apologize can't participate GEST July.
Indonesiapreachers 5 years, 26 weeks ago
see you next month ritter art. you're the one who have a biggest chance to fight equally with other team atm
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