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eNcy vs Plz.Dota

Posted by seiraeya
Added 2 years, 14 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one eNcy
Player two Plz.Dota
Display winner

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Group A
Indonesia eNcy Laos Plz.Dota
Slithereen Guard eNcy]LMFAO- (Top)
Tidehunter eNcy]R (Roaming)
Shadow Demon LaVida (Mid)
Invoker Evaa (Bot)
Beastmaster ART-AwaKe (Mid)
Lone Druid Plz-J (Bot)
Crystal Maiden Plz-tolaz- (Roaming)
Queen of Pain Plz-Badez- (Top)
Earthshaker Plz-1990- (Mid)
Batrider Plz-hOuNgZ (Mid)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 47:46


Current: 6.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

United Statesshitson123 2 years, 14 weeks ago
dafuq happnd to team laos?? tsk3. i was hoping they could make a performance, guess they're not that ready to face international yet.

please don't spoil replays.
Brazilmagosant0 2 years, 14 weeks ago
Humm nice game by Lavida, but not a great game at all.

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