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AllStar.TrbDrv vs AllStar.OcGenie

Posted by seiraeya
Added 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Event MSIO
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one AllStar.TrbDrv
Player two AllStar.OcGenie
Display winner

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MSI Overdrive Grand Finals

AllStar Game 3
Philippines AllStar.TrbDrv Philippines AllStar.OcGenie
Faerie Dragon Pcfc.RCG^PALIT (Bot)
Nerubian Weaver iZONEven^GGBYTE (Top)
Shadow Demon DrmzLedSseriesX (Top)
Beastmaster PacificBybEMAXX (Mid)
Guardian Wisp DrmzLedSSeriesJ (Top)
Morphling MSIevoGTk1moTnC (Top)
Stone Giant Mski.Jay.PColor (Mid)
Grand Magus PacificNmaEMAXX (Top)
Windrunner Mski.Rr.PColor (Bot)
Earthshaker Mski.wtz.PColor (Top)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 29:7

Dota Highlights

MSI Overdrive


Current: 8.9 (14 votes)

Comments (Closed)

IndonesiaRaveLi 5 years, 5 weeks ago
wrong patch
PhilippinesGankingInstitute 5 years, 5 weeks ago
at last :)) been waiting for days! tounge.gif
Philippinesposer.heccy 5 years, 5 weeks ago
weaver dagger ftw! Hehe
Iran, Islamic Republic ofFarzad._.KopoL 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Nice Morphilling hehe.gif As Me : )
PhilippinesNamikaze 5 years, 5 weeks ago
i find this game funny santa.gifsanta.gifsanta.gif
Romaniakois 5 years, 5 weeks ago
watch Tiny how he doesn't manage to use bottle-crow and dies after anyway ROFL! hehe.gifhehe.gif
Weak scourge team
Indonesiaeswete_boy871 5 years, 5 weeks ago
1 more Allstar replay please ? :D
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 5 years, 5 weeks ago
#7 yy more and intersting

*modedit* don't spoil replays.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofm.h.n 5 years, 5 weeks ago
nice replay
Malaysiacorei7.worldwide12 5 years, 5 weeks ago
can someone tell me where is the other game? there are 3 games.
United Statesmaphack925 5 years, 5 weeks ago
game 2 is missing, just watch the vods. I think they forgot to save g2.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofInsighT.Is.My.Name 5 years, 5 weeks ago
hate pinoys i want "real" d1 to watch
Philippinesf2.tani 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Guardian Wisp!..... \m/ crazy.gif
Malaysiajamessullivan 5 years, 4 weeks ago
jay just joking around. he seems like not really serious from early game.
ChileNoData 5 years, 4 weeks ago
who is this puck player ? he so pro any one can give me the aka or the (real nick name of him) i want see more replays of him. sorry for my noob english by the way

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