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ApplePark B vs Unlipops

Posted by seiraeya
Added 2 years, 3 weeks ago
Event MSIO
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one ApplePark B
Player two Unlipops
Display winner

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MSI Overdrive Grand Finals

Philippines ApplePark.B Philippines Unlipops
Earthshaker Park^KMS ;3 (Roaming)
Faerie Dragon Park.LoRkz^ (Top)
Chaos Knight Park^PsssssT (Bot)
Grand Magus Park^AgentY (Bot)
Dragon Knight Park.Kowkow (Mid)
Omniknight UnlipopsTrjn.M (Bot)
Pandaren Brewmaster UnlipopsTrjn.S (Mid)
Shadow Demon UnlipopsTrjn.I (Bot)
Slithereen Guard UnlipopsTrjn.G (Bot)
Queen of Pain Unlipostrjn.P (Top)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 55:16


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