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Mineski vs Sweetopia

Posted by seiraeya
Added 2 years, 9 weeks ago
Event GMPGL 4-6
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Mineski
Player two Sweetopia
Display winner

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Philippines Mineski Philippines Sweetopia
Beastmaster Naga Siren Templar Assassin
Dragon Knight Lycanthrope Omniknight
Shadow Demon Invoker
Sand King Slithereen Guard
Queen of Pain Ancient ApparitionEarthshaker
Dark SeerWindrunner Chaos Knight
Vengeful Spirit Admiral ProudmooreStone Giant Demon Witch
Dark Seer Mski.716,PColor (Top)
Admiral Proudmoore Mski.Jay.PColor (Bot)
Queen of Pain Mski.AsD.PColor (Mid)
Vengeful Spirit Mski.CMW.PColor (Bot)
Ancient Apparition Mski.Rr?.PColor (Bot)
Demon Witch Sweetopia.tOuch (Bot)
Chaos Knight Sweetopia.Marky (Bot)
Stone Giant Sweetopia.dyefy (Mid)
Earthshaker Sweetopia.m4ck (Bot)
Windrunner sweetopia.NAJAN (Top)

GameMode: -cmk
Length: 71:43 Minutes



Current: 5.5 (2 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Indonesiadylczz 2 years, 9 weeks ago
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 2 years, 8 weeks ago
Avatar wasn,t better?!! suprised.gif why...!?!!

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