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Mineski vs Neolution

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Mineski
Player two Neolution
Display winner

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Philippines Mineski Thailand Neolution
Stone Giant Mski_CMW_PColor (Bot)
Invoker Mski_Jay_PColor (Mid)
Queen of Pain Mski_owa_PColor(Top)
Crystal Maiden Mski_Yo2_PColor (Bot)
Centaur Warchief Mski_JJR_PColor (Bot)
Anti-Mage NeoES-GB (Mid)
Earthshaker nOcsm (Bot)
Oblivion duiqu (Mid)
Ancient Apparition [Y]O-[Y]o (Bot)
Faerie Dragon dumziie (Top)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 44:24

VoD: GGnet GoDz


Current: 8.7 (15 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Otherrinrin 3 years, 16 weeks ago
The "popular" game
PhilippinesMatsDumz 3 years, 16 weeks ago
`w0o0o0t .. here we go .. well break by Mski .!
PhilippinesKilla_runah 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Mski_Jay_PColor = bimbobrutality suprised.gif
Philippinesjetzero 3 years, 16 weeks ago
JJR= jojero? suprised.gif
PhilippinesCOBHateCrew 3 years, 16 weeks ago
I thought nando is out but seems John is just a sub here
SpainHappY-HippO 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Centaur is so an underrated hero, good to see him picked again.

No more well to take a bath for Neo.. hehe.gif
Bangladesh_GoDforSaken_ 3 years, 16 weeks ago
where is AsD.. ??
MalaysiaBlizzY- 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Seriously this is not funny,break fountain in international cup?.Give some respect to other team plz.Those pinoy really unmanner,no wonder bad thing always happen in pinoy.
Philippineswat_da_EP 3 years, 16 weeks ago
break well crazy.gif
PhilippinesFl4wl3ssly 3 years, 16 weeks ago
#8 Is there any rule preventing teams from breaking fountains? sleepy.gif
Philippinesjimba059 3 years, 16 weeks ago

What he is saying is that breaking a well in an international cup is too disrespectful for the other team. Why don't you just break the throne? C'mon mski, you're already professionals... eh.gif
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Nah it's part of the game.. Just watch dota 2 if you don't want to see fountain break
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 16 weeks ago
@8-so yamateh and company are also disrespectful? If you know what i am talking about
Philippinesjanjalani 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Breaking the fountain is just part of the game stop whining #8. tounge.gif
Philippinespikertepe 3 years, 16 weeks ago
First: typing anything in all chat is considered trashtalk by other fanboys, and now breaking well is disrespectful c'mon do you guys even play dota just to win or to have fun?
Philippinesjinbei 3 years, 16 weeks ago
#8 +1
#11 +1
there's the term professionalism..and every professional gamer should act like one, if they have the time to destroy the well, why not just destroy the throne/tree straight is quite disrespectful and insulting to the other team to have their well destroyed when their opponents knew that they already won..mineski lang ata yung palaging gumagawa nito..they did not only did this once on a professional stage..
yamateh and others didnt do this as often as mineski would
pinoy ako pero dapat me respeto lang sa kalabang team..chinese teams doesn't do that at the professional stage..
it's adding insult to injury!
PhilippinesCOBHateCrew 3 years, 16 weeks ago
#16 they didn't mean disrespect, they only want entertainment for the fans.. most of all they are not chinese dude so chill and enjoy the game
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Just because you destroyed your opponent's fountain it means they aren't professional? Wow what are you smoking #16 and #8. When other nations dota team breaks fountain its entertainment, etc. When pinoy teams do it it's disrespectful? Breaking the fountain is like adding a little extra flavor to the game. Come to think of it, it's like you guys are saying that in basketball why do they make a dunk if they can just lay it up wink.gif
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 16 weeks ago
Chinese teams trashtalking in stage match against teams from other countries and yet you call them pros. Nah that is worse than breaking your opponents fountain crazy.gif
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 16 weeks ago
That is what they call "showmanship". Most of the viewers watch to be entertained and mineski is really good in entertaining viewers. And fyi badburn has the tendency to break fountain to given a chance
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