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LedionDreamz vs TINHYEUDOTA

Posted by LiLThuG
Added 3 years, 7 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one LedionDreamz
Display winner

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Group Stage
Philippines LedionDreamz Vietnam TINHYEUDOTA
Pandaren Brewmaster Batrider Lone Druid
Templar Assassin Dragon Knight Naga Siren
Morphling Axe
Crystal Maiden Vengeful Spirit
LycanthropeProphet Invoker
Beastmaster Queen of PainAncient Apparition
Shadow Demon OmniknightChaos Knight Earthshaker
Queen of Pain DrmzLed-JuLz (Top)
Beastmaster DrmzLed-Owey-SS (Mid)
Omniknight DrmzLed-CyJ-SS (Bot)
Shadow Demon DrmzLed-Yosh-SS (Bot)
Lycanthrope DrmzLed-La-SS (Jungle)
Prophet dota_hanoi (Top)
Invoker dota_caobang (Mid)
Earthshaker dota_baccan (Bot)
Chaos Knight dota_ninhbinh (Bot)
Ancient Apparition dota_langson (Jungle)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 59:29 Minutes

Match Stats


Current: 9.0 (24 votes)

Comments (Closed)

IndonesiaThisIswiLL 3 years, 6 weeks ago
Nice ES....

RR this
Indonesiaarz_steal 3 years, 6 weeks ago
should be RR, nice teamwork by TINHYEUDOTA
SingaporephantomD 3 years, 6 weeks ago
LOL ES bought Abyssal blade:P
Philippinesaishi1622 3 years, 6 weeks ago
still not RR ? epic clashes :D
United Statesshitson123 3 years, 6 weeks ago
this! i want replays where ph teams lost. :)
CanadaiBlameyou 3 years, 6 weeks ago
Nice ES and QOP, but better team won :P
PhilippinesQuo 3 years, 6 weeks ago
nice ganks by the winner. manyhappy.gif

Fissure/CK stun + AA ult + Sunstrike + Tele Wrath = Win!

Viet NamCuongk55 3 years, 6 weeks ago
GG. Nice ES
Viet Namlequocgiom 3 years, 6 weeks ago
TinhYeuDota members: Wag.Sssss, Wag.Babies579, Skynet.Milano, Skynet.Nolove, SD.luvvvvvvv...
This is a mix team, but they really well played manyhappy.gif
Viet Namkyohiros 3 years, 6 weeks ago
new rising star wink.gif
Bangladeshggl145 3 years, 6 weeks ago
RR for sure
Indonesiasip_lah 3 years, 6 weeks ago
what the HELL ? ? ?
Turkeyvenom_ 3 years, 6 weeks ago
very entertaining replay. we saw huge ganking from scourge and very hard to kill sd+omni combo. but this lycan was so bad TT.gif boots at 26 mins and in the end he had the 3rd lowest level in the game...
PhilippinesDamnYouMad 3 years, 6 weeks ago
APPA with ES and INVOKER, need I to say more? wink.gif
Viet Namcr4zygun96 3 years, 6 weeks ago
RR wink.gif
PhilippinesDarkNamikaze 3 years, 6 weeks ago
Nice game!! Julz tried but it wasn't enough!! Nice combo by Omni, QOP, and SD!! Truly RR!! Jyc and Julz not enough to carry the whole team!! GG!! cool.gif
Viet Namsprin91 3 years, 6 weeks ago
FranceSkyHul 3 years, 6 weeks ago
Agree with venom_ lycan was just useless
Indonesiaputracenter 3 years, 6 weeks ago
great game!!

This RR !! cool.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 3 years, 6 weeks ago
It,s not DotA
It,s necro wars.. crazy.gif
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