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Hoover.ICT vs Fantastic.Babe

Posted by seiraeya
Added 5 years, 6 weeks ago
Event Johor Qualifiers
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Hoover.ICT
Player two Fantastic.Babe
Display winner

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SMM 1 Malaysia DotA Championship: Johor Qualifiers

Quarter Final
Malaysia Hoover.ICT Malaysia Fantastic.Babe
Chaos Knight Invoker Pandaren Brewmaster
Lycanthrope Ancient Apparition Batrider
Queen of Pain Crystal Maiden
Templar Assassin Broodmother
EarthshakerShadow Demon Nerubian Weaver
Windrunner Naga SirenSpectre
Slayer Shadow ShamanTidehunter Vengeful Spirit
Shadow Shaman H`Kyle.v (Mid)
Naga Siren Hv`Ksy-| (Bot)
Slayer Hv-LaFrecas (Bot)
Earthshaker Hv`HonG|Shao (Top)
Windrunner H`v.123 (Top)
Nerubian Weaver Fantastic-Aboy^ (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit Fantastic.T-ara (Top)
Spectre Fantastic.Pipi (Top)
Tidehunter Fantastic.PiKa (Jungle)
Shadow Demon Fantastic-Huya (Mid)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 53:31 Minutes



Current: 8.0 (1 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Romaniakois 5 years, 5 weeks ago
F.uck your map name. Can't watch this shit...perhaps it doesn't even worth it. TT.gif

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