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Orange vs LedionDreamz

Posted by seiraeya
Added 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Orange
Player two LedionDreamz
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Quarter Finals
Malaysia Orange Philippines LedionDreamz
Naga Siren Dragon Knight Templar Assassin
Lycanthrope Enchantress Holy Knight
Slithereen Guard Chaos Knight
Faerie Dragon Dark Seer
WindrunnerEarthshaker Queen of Pain
Crystal Maiden ProphetBeastmaster
Venomancer MorphlingAdmiral Proudmoore Ancient Apparition
Venomancer Orange_XTiNcT (Bot)
Morphling Orange_Mushi-My (Bot)
Windrunner Orange_kyxy (Mid)
Crystal Maiden Orange_Ice (Bot)
Prophet Orange_Winter (Top)
Queen of Pain DrmzLed-JuLz (Top)
Beastmaster DrmzLEDSSeriesO (Mid)
Earthshaker DrmzLedSseriesK (Bot)
Admiral Proudmoore DrmzLedSseriesL (Bot)
Ancient Apparition DrmzLedSSeriesY (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 58:35 Minutes



Current: 9.3 (16 votes)

Comments (Closed)

PhilippinesCarLuhhh 5 years, 5 weeks ago

Philippinesstolen- 5 years, 5 weeks ago
mushi morph crazy.gif
Philippinesjmkewl 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Mushi's MORP was better in their game with Mineski.
PhilippinesSoujiro 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Did LD really won over Orange?

gonna watch this one
Philippinesrcmf123 5 years, 5 weeks ago
julz qop manyhappy.gif
PhilippinesCOBHateCrew 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Roshan advantage of Orange against Mineski backfired here tounge.gif
Philippinesyoahl 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Mushi morp won't work on PH twice lol... like the Mushi Puck... too bad if it's farming race Julz>Mushi ...
Philippinesoniichan 5 years, 5 weeks ago
@6 you're right, the only thing that keeps Orange alive on their match against mineski is the Roshan Advantage of scourge, if they didn't take roshan (of course they will hahah) and take clashes after clashes to mineski, they will lose. . . but roshan is part of the game ;)
KuwaitRvz.Snakez- 5 years, 5 weeks ago
Kunnka autowin?
KuwaitRvz.Snakez- 5 years, 5 weeks ago
mushiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii l0st :(

*mod edit* don't spoil.
PhilippineskArBy001 5 years, 5 weeks ago


Bangladeshggl145 5 years, 5 weeks ago
well planed draft against orange banning both enchi and holy knight in first ban phase
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 5 years, 5 weeks ago
SpainHappY-HippO 5 years, 5 weeks ago
paper heroes and lack of stunners from sentinel cost them the game..

*mod edit* don't spoil.
TurkeyDiee 5 years, 4 weeks ago
Mushi's morph was good but his team was inactive. And they lost.
But mushi's farm was really good. this game's time is 57 minute. It could finish in 30 min but mushi farmed. Nice Game.
Myanmarkitkit 5 years, 4 weeks ago
haha ..JuLz personal ban to XTiNcT ..... blush.gif

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