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iZONE125 vs StarsBoba

Posted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 27 weeks ago
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one iZONE125
Player two StarsBoba
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Group B
Philippines iZONE125 Vietnam StarsBoba
Shadow Demon iZONE125_keLZ (Bot)
Beastmaster iZONE125_Reb0rn (Mid)
Admiral Proudmoore iZONE125_poleng (Bot)
Nerubian Weaver iZONE125_jhoven (Top)
Sand King iZONE125_frOggy (Roaming)
Windrunner SB_sosoon (Top)
Pandaren Brewmaster SB_recca (Bot)
Templar Assassin SB_yuna (Mid)
Grand Magus SB_Archie (Roaming)
Vengeful Spirit SB_David21 (Roaming)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 36:9

VoD: GoDzStudios


Current: 9.1 (12 votes)

Comments (Closed)

PhilippinesHitMePlz 3 years, 27 weeks ago
1st blood!
Philippinesgrimryst 3 years, 27 weeks ago
No more sosoon T_T
Hong KongArtofTrolling-_- 3 years, 27 weeks ago
i have no idea why a great team like SB sucks really hard this time TT.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic 3 years, 27 weeks ago
cuz fucking bottle<>crow
skill 0
Philippinesspeadfreak 3 years, 27 weeks ago
Malaysiarednave91 3 years, 27 weeks ago
pinoy own again !!
Norwaykalamatis 3 years, 27 weeks ago
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 3 years, 27 weeks ago
sosoon?!!! what can he do when they have a player like yuna!!!awfully bad.. crazy.gif
Viet Namlequocgiom 3 years, 27 weeks ago
Sosoon recently married, he seemed a bit tired sky.gif
Indonesialabdigital 3 years, 27 weeks ago
kick recca, replace with batteu or neversmile
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 27 weeks ago
@9 hahahaha..your comment made my
Philippinesripz 3 years, 27 weeks ago

what's that suppose to mean?

SB used to be my fav team...they play that Sosoon is gone....whew......... crazy.gifcrazy.gifcrazy.gif

is that really sosoon?? the Capt?
Philippinesraaaapp 3 years, 27 weeks ago
i like to see StarsBoba vs. Pacific.Rev:)
Both aggresive team.
Philippineswakiribit 3 years, 27 weeks ago
SB.MangaQ go back.. replace that recca.. lol
Philippineskulaman 3 years, 27 weeks ago
#14 SB|MangaQ is yuna

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