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Pacific.UST vs uG

Posted by deibidou
Accepted by seiraeya
Added 3 years, 11 weeks ago
Event GEST Qualifiers
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Pacific.UST
Player two uG
Display winner

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Philippines Pacific.UST Indonesia uG
Omniknight pacific-sunglas (Bot)
Sand King Pacific-sniw (Bot)
Windrunner pacific-eyeglas (Top)
Shadow Fiend Pacific-David (Mid)
Shadow Demon Pcfc-Tumauini (Bot)
Nerubian Weaver uG-Accelerate (Bot)
Earthshaker uG-Lordbubu (Roaming)
Ancient Apparition uG-PPPmyt (Mid)
Chaos Knight uG-uGuK (Mid)
Stone Giant uG-KoaLa (Top)

GameMode: -ap
Length: 42:25 Minutes



Current: 6.8 (9 votes)

Comments (Closed)

PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 11 weeks ago
Pacific.ust=synchronized gaming from tuguegarao?
Singaporelouiesg 3 years, 11 weeks ago
^ yes.
PhilippinesWinStrong 3 years, 11 weeks ago
no its from laspinas!
PhilippinesDes7rucT 3 years, 11 weeks ago
grats pacific aka SGaming ! bus yan !
Denmarknatz 3 years, 11 weeks ago
the most explosive team!
Indonesiagameplayer1000001 3 years, 11 weeks ago
no surprise there...

this team is bad in terms of picking , always pick paper heroes...
got omni heal and mekans, wad can es and tiny do even timing rite..

even with good teamwork semi-pro pub players they will also lose with this kind of picks i guess..

disappointing..., only flame like childish when winning..., and the first game they also should lose if they didn't come out with bd-strategy(but i admit really nice strategy) sigh..

so many team losing when picking AA, i just confused why different teams keep picking this hero: useless ulti late game, 1 mekan ruins ulti, timing ulti must nice, can't mass-farm creeps using other skill unless ulti..., the skill stun also need support if not the enemy-hero just can escape easily, why oh why keep picking this hero..

only pro china teams i saw playing really well AA, @.@

this is just my personal opinion, cmiiw >.<

i'm indo btw...

for a pro team, only one indo language i can give to them... "CUPUUUUUUU....!"

Philippinesthebaciomuna 3 years, 11 weeks ago
i <3 dota!
ty GEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 11 weeks ago
@2- grats louie:)
Indonesiaiwashere 3 years, 11 weeks ago
#6 i agree with u..
btw poor indonesian team sad.gif
what can they do in May Gest ?????? deperruku,ritter,ency..ckckck
indonesia should make a good local dota competition.. I believe indo have many talent players out there
Philippinesmaryz.ark 3 years, 11 weeks ago
University of Santo Tomas!
Indonesiawillson 3 years, 11 weeks ago
Goblog..kalah sma random pinoy team..
what the hell,they calling save save save,noob player always called to save game every kill...
really-really,make indonesia dota down to the hell..
and well played for pacific,nive you guys pawned rank 15 in gosu UG..
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 11 weeks ago
I think only david study in UST..

@11-they aren't just random pinoy team.. They are a good team but they lack exposure.. sG.Lordwood is well-known in PH garena.. and david was a player of playing with noobs(Pwn) team..
Philippinesdeibidou 3 years, 11 weeks ago
# 11

we always save cuz every 5 mins my mates are war3 are going into fatal error.
Indonesiapreachers 3 years, 11 weeks ago
actually not ban purist against pinoy team is huge mistake, just ban siren,lanaya,qop,DK and purist everysingle game against pinoy if you want to win.
despites in game one UG have 10-2 advantage and shut down SF nicely but pcfc player FE every 3 minutes and they decided to remake the game.
IndonesiaD28 3 years, 11 weeks ago
lol so many ass licking ... when uG win says go indo , you are the best , blah blah..

but when losing keep flaming , blaming and trashtalking ...
STFU and play your game dude wink.gif

well played by Pacific btw ^^.gif
Philippinesshrunken 3 years, 11 weeks ago
may items nga SF wala nmang Instinct.. TT-kers pa.. feel na feel
PhilippinesLinebreaker 3 years, 11 weeks ago
@16-ikaw meron ka nun? ayain mo na lang sila pustahan kung malakas ka koya ^^.gif
Indonesia718-_- 3 years, 11 weeks ago
is this really the team that defeated Ritter-art and Deperuku ?
such a huge disgrace to let them represents indonesia in GEST
Indonesiariezey 3 years, 11 weeks ago
dipoor itu uG liat aj itemnya
nessaj sangenya ga jls. I think want to buy BKB but sange
nw no regen uda kuat itu?
btw where xlr8 & noise?
is there in this game?
Singaporelouiesg 3 years, 11 weeks ago
^ they said weaver is xlr8
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