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Sic vs Orange

Posted by seiraeya
Added 4 years, 6 weeks ago
Event Selangor Qualifiers
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Sic
Player two Orange
Display winner

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SMM 1 Malaysia DotA Championship 2012 Selangor State

Grand finals
Malaysia Sic Malaysia Orange
Lord of Olympus siC`PerForMance (Mid)
Earthshaker siC`Mxks` (Roaming)
Queen of Pain siC`bebe` (Top)
Venomancer siC`Si@ng (Bot)
Crystal Maiden siC`Kiyun (Roaming)
Holy Knight Orange.X (Jungle)
Windrunner Orange.Mushi-My (Top)
Faerie Dragon Orange. ky`xY (Mid)
Witch Doctor Orange.K (Roaming)
Dark Seer Orange.WinteR (Bot)

Game mode: cm
Game Length: 38:54


Current: 8.0 (7 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Malaysiarednave91 4 years, 6 weeks ago
emm...who is K?
Philippinesseiraeya 4 years, 6 weeks ago
#Orange's manager(Kenchi Yap)
Indiariddle88 4 years, 6 weeks ago
this replay is 1.24? ppl still use that crazy.gif
Malaysia-Infinitum- 4 years, 6 weeks ago
ya kenchi yap also known as Kenchi. Played for cybertime, AFAIK. note that this is not xtc or aeon Ken
Iran, Islamic Republic ofimissyou 4 years, 6 weeks ago
O My God .Wow. Mushi Is Dota King cool.gif
Malaysiarednave91 4 years, 6 weeks ago
thanks seira..saw this replay..rape!!
Romaniakois 4 years, 6 weeks ago
kupukupu had an "unlucky" final score ( if you know what I mean ) and chen was beyond godlike. Nuf said? ANALyse yourselves hehe.gif
Philippinesripz 4 years, 6 weeks ago
MUshi Kickass!

Malaysiacorei7.worldwide12 4 years, 6 weeks ago
it's like taking candy from a baby:( no one can beat orange in MYsia:)

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