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Orange vs iZone125

Posted by LiLThuG
Added 3 years, 17 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one Orange
Player two iZone125
Display winner

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Malaysia Orange Philippines iZone125
Dragon Knight Naga Siren Templar Assassin
Holy Knight Enchantress Lycanthrope
Chaos Knight Slithereen Guard
Prophet Witch Doctor
Dark Seer Queen of PainWindrunner
EarthshakerShadow Demon Sand King
Demon Witch BeastmasterOmniknight Anti-Mage
Queen of Pain Orange_Mushi-My (Bot)
Earthshaker Orange_XTiNcT (Bot)
Beastmaster orange_kyxy (Mid)
Demon Witch Orange_Ice (Bot)
Dark Seer Orange_WinteR (Top)
Shadow Demon iZONE125_keLZ (Top)
Sand King iZONE125_frOggy (Jungle)
Omniknight iZONE125_JoJeRo (Mid)
Anti-Mage iZONE125_poleng (Top)
Windrunner iZONE125_joven (Roaming)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 51:30 Minutes


Match Stats


Current: 8.9 (7 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesgrimryst 3 years, 17 weeks ago
Wow !! 25-2
Francexybacz 3 years, 17 weeks ago
Useless to watch this replay. Scourge did a trilane top but dark seer was able to farm a lil bit the creeps and he hasn't been farmed when windrunner couldn't do anything. So they just lost in 40 mins (the obs stayed that's why it's not the same time than it's said in description) counting the picks (mb 10 mins).
Magina could do nothing as a carry & omni was so useless, I mean if he wasn't here in "teamfights" it would have been the same (We can't even call the fights teamfights cause they were powned 1 by 1 due to a huge problem of coordination& due to the daggers/blink)
Philippinesshir0810 3 years, 17 weeks ago
Philippinesarkyn14 3 years, 17 weeks ago
raped by MY!!:(
SpainHappY-HippO 3 years, 17 weeks ago
too one sided replay, AOE combos and Micons from Orange were simply too much for iZone..
Malaysiastanley88 3 years, 17 weeks ago
even supporter ICE also got blink in mid game~holy shit~too fat~
anyway,Orange played a good game~everyone doing well in this game wink.gif
PolanduNv.dawidek- 3 years, 17 weeks ago
never saw Mushi's qop suprised.gif
i gotta watch this.
Philippineswat_da_EP 3 years, 17 weeks ago
bad play by izone tounge.gif
Australiarexxar209 3 years, 17 weeks ago
never seen am fail so hard
Indonesiaputracenter 3 years, 16 weeks ago

Congratulation for win !! manyhappy.gifmanyhappy.gif

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