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iZONE125 vs Orange

Posted by LiLThuG
Added 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one iZONE125
Player two Orange
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Philippines iZone125 Malaysia Orange
Holy Knight Enchantress Dark Seer
Naga Siren Dragon Knight Templar Assassin
Necro'lic Broodmother
Shadow Demon Ancient Apparition
Windrunner EarthshakerLycanthrope
Queen of PainCrystal Maiden Prophet
Keeper of the Light Stone GiantWitch Doctor Faerie Dragon
Keeper of the Light iZONE125_keLZ (Top)
Earthshaker iZONE125_frOggy (Top)
Windrunner iZONE125_poleng (Top)
Stone Giant iZONE125_JoJeRo (Mid)
Queen of Pain iZONE125_joven (Bot)
Faerie Dragon Orange_Mushi-My (Mid)
Crystal Maiden Orange_XTiNcT (Top)
Witch Doctor Orange_Ice (Top)
Lycanthrope orange_kyxy (Top)
Prophet Orange_WinteR (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 47:28 Minutes


Match Stats


Current: 8.3 (7 votes)

Comments (Closed)

GreeceO_Totos 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Mushi Puck AUTO-DL, thnx
Perufear.fact 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Nice replay =) happy.gif
Viet Namcr4zygun96 4 years, 43 weeks ago
amazing Puck by Mushi crazy.gif
Midas and Necronomicon book game tounge.gif
Nepaljuve9el 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Mushi puck reminiscent to there victory over ehome.
Indonesiaalstyle 4 years, 43 weeks ago
no chinese = no push= no imba = no dl
MyanmariG_over_everything 4 years, 43 weeks ago
^5# chinese d*** ryder heeee :P
Greececrossmax 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Mushi was dodging stuff all over the place! tiny couldn't harass him AT ALL...
Viet Namurdashiet 4 years, 43 weeks ago
Why did IZONE pick KotL?
Beyond Ghostlike
Philippinesdwade2323 4 years, 43 weeks ago
#8 probably a counter push for furion..
PolanduNv.dawidek- 4 years, 43 weeks ago
one of best pucks ever imo wink.gif
by Mushi
Indonesiachria5k 4 years, 43 weeks ago
this puck crazy.gif
PhilippinesWiz.Jwf 4 years, 43 weeks ago
how can i play the replay? ehehe ? happy.gif
Indiatoxic_Demon 4 years, 43 weeks ago
GG santa.gif
PhilippineshOoTx 4 years, 43 weeks ago
SpainHappY-HippO 4 years, 43 weeks ago
LOL, everything in DotA was claimed founded by Pinoy. Next time, a pinoy kid will claim IceFrog is a pinoy too, how refreshing.. crazy.gif
Malaysiahamutaro 4 years, 43 weeks ago
looks like this retard hOoTx donno anything about COPY

u can say mith-trust copy china playstyle, or mski-pcolor copy the original mski team.

and u dont fucking even know whats the term "playstyle" is, mski playstyle is 2-3 birds in game, and refill bottle, and whats make mski special should be tiny by Jay, or bottle refill qop.

i dont c in anyway orange copy ppl, i onli c orange use their OWN playstyle totally defeat mski, and malaysia team don copy ppl refill bottle, ok boy?
Malaysiaanxie1y- 4 years, 43 weeks ago
#14 Calm down MINESKI fanboy. If Orange can fully utilized the playstyle, that means the playstyle is belonged them. MINESKI is the creator, but they have failed to use them. oh anyway, Orange > MINESKI
Indonesiaputracenter 4 years, 41 weeks ago
wow very great PUCK by Mushi !!

Thats why Orange can easy win from Izone cool.gif
Myanmarkitkit 4 years, 40 weeks ago
Mushi (Puck) .... tounge.gif

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