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MSi-EvoGT vs iDeal

Posted by LiLThuG
Added 2 years, 21 weeks ago
Event GEST
Map v6.74c
Patch 1.26
Player one MSi-EvoGT
Player two iDeal
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GIGABYTE E-Sport Tournament

Philippines MSi-EvoGT Thailand iDeal
Queen of Pain MSI-EvoGT-TnCAA (Bot)
Windrunner MSI-EvoGT-TnC12 (Top)
Vengeful Spirit MSI-EvoGT-TnC19 (Mid)
Ogre Magi MSI-EvoGT-TnC17 (Bot)
Dragon Knight MSI-EvoGT-TnC8D (Mid)
Centaur Warchief GIGABYTE]iD-sD_ (Mid)
Dark Seer GIGABYTE]iD-Bz (Top)
Shadow Demon GIGABYTE]iD-nn (Mid)
Earthshaker GIGABYTE]iD-up (Bot)
Faerie Dragon GIGABYTE]iD-min (Bot)

GameMode: -ap
Length: 44:26 Minutes


Match Stats


Current: 8.8 (4 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesshir0810 2 years, 21 weeks ago
Nc nc! blush.gif
SpainHappY-HippO 2 years, 21 weeks ago
No late hero for iDeal and they don't push either. Got caught off guard many times by Davion with lothar, no sentry no honey.. santa.gif
Indonesiaputracenter 2 years, 19 weeks ago
good job dk

great playing by msi evo cool.gif

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