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Panda vs iG

Posted by wxp
Accepted by LiLThuG
Added 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Event Dream Cup
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.24
Player one Panda
Player two iG
Display winner

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Dream Cup

China Panda China iG
Lycanthrope Pandaren Brewmaster Batrider
Prophet Night Stalker Chaos Knight
Bounty Hunter Slithereen Guard
Dragon Knight Clockwerk
Windrunner Crystal MaidenInvoker
BroodmotherLone Druid Earthshaker
Shadow Shaman Anti-MageVengeful Spirit Dark Seer
Anti-Mage PanDa.Hao (Bot)
Crystal Maiden PanDa.830 (Bot)
Shadow Shaman PanDa.Mu (Mid)
Broodmother PanDa.yAobAi (Top)
Windrunner PanDa.SanSheng (Bot)
Lone Druid iG.Zhou (Top)
Earthshaker iG.ChuaN (Roaming)
Invoker iG.Ferrari_430 (Mid)
Dark Seer iG.YYF (BOt)
Vengeful Spirit iG.Faith (Top)

Length: 40:26
Patch: 1.24e

Match Stats


Current: 8.8 (12 votes)

Comments (Closed)

MalaysiaGbM_Scythe.SG 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Losing NADA on PANDA is definitely not a good idea. sleepy.gif
Sweden853 2 years, 31 weeks ago
2 kills?
PeruGoogleame 2 years, 31 weeks ago
old rep
Iran, Islamic Republic ofH.crow 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Where Am I ? sad.gif
Thailandvxn 2 years, 31 weeks ago
chinese lone druid root too much

luck or trick XD

MyanmarItachiS 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Only 2 kills from the sentinel :O
NorwayGunnar 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Ferrari invoker?
BulgariaMe4onyX 2 years, 31 weeks ago
#1 actually i find 830 and sansheng rly good in panda ...not sure if panda is better than before but i feel something rly imba with this new panda team
830 plays rly impressive now ..especially his rhasta these days
PeruCIever 2 years, 31 weeks ago
#8 Me too i always fockus on 830 when i watch replays of panda , he's just such a imba player
MalaysiaMeamorez 2 years, 31 weeks ago
430 invoker=win,last match 430 not invoker=lose
PhilippinesKhail 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Icefrog change Invoker's name to 430 on 6.73
SwedenNaknoemo 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Fuck this Hao guy he is really an insane farmer, I mean watch him he almost never miss an CS, even when tower atacking creeps, I've seen ZMSJ farming, and he miss even more then this guy.

But yeah being retarded and give Zhou sylla bear, and Ferrari Invoker, I mean I don't know what the fuck Panda is thinking to be honest.
Indonesiaabad_21guns 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Why not ban Kael ?
Indiafrost_wyrn 2 years, 31 weeks ago
#12 Hao is female not male first of all and How can u compare the all tym great ZSMJ with hao?? U dnt make sense to me...
IndonesiaD28 2 years, 31 weeks ago
#11 ...

PhilippinesSeducer 2 years, 31 weeks ago
#15 ...
Australiarexxar209 2 years, 31 weeks ago
@ 15

hao female lol... wherever did u get that from? read this
Indiafrost_wyrn 2 years, 31 weeks ago
Ok den i just hve to join the list of ppl who just got TROLLLLEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pls dnt spread rumours on gosu!!!
OtherYaKuZa.ex3 2 years, 31 weeks ago
i hate when IG goes with sylla and invoker they kinda auto win crash.gif i seroiusly want to se them loosing with this pick
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