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DK vs Nirvana

Posted by Wilco
Added 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Event ECL
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.24
Player one DK
Player two Nirvana
Display winner

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E-Sports Champions League

China DK China Nirvana
Chaos Knight Lycanthrope Broodmother
Batrider Invoker Earthshaker
Dragon Knight Prophet
Lich Witch Doctor
Pandaren BrewmasterCrystal Maiden Nerubian Weaver
Windrunner Lone DruidVenomancer
Shadow Demon Vengeful SpiritBeastmaster Storm Spirit
Pandaren Brewmaster DK.rOtK (Top)
Shadow Demon DK.longdd (Top)
Vengeful Spirit DK.ZippO (Bot)
Windrunner DK.Super! (Bot)
Lone Druid DK.BurNIng (Mid)
Venomancer Nv.msi.banana (Bot)
Beastmaster Nv.msi.KingJ (Mid)
Nerubian Weaver Nv.msi.Seaking (Bot)
Crystal Maiden Nv.msi.357 (Top)
Storm Spirit Nv.msi.XwkKx (Top)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 40:24 Minutes


Match Stats


Current: 9.3 (33 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Korea, Democratic People's Republic ofderkaderka 2 years, 39 weeks ago
PhilippinesNoobishOne 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Burning Sylla Auto WIN!
Russian FederationSmeagol- 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Burning sylla. Need I say moar?
Viet Namkyohiros 2 years, 39 weeks ago
X!! storm auto win
Malaysiadaixn 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Panda is such a big threat
PhilippinesTheGreatCornholio 2 years, 39 weeks ago
DK.BearNIng ^^.gif
UkraineSubVibe 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Burning Sylla Auto-win

And plz change the icon for Shadow Demon hehe.gif
Brazilrlbzz 2 years, 39 weeks ago
i prefer the old shadow demon he was more troll face puppy now he is a lycan priest ;p
Philippinesshinker 2 years, 39 weeks ago
^ agree with you hehe.gif
Iran, Islamic Republic ofe.t.b 2 years, 39 weeks ago
who is drafting for nirvana? how is he thiking? letting DK to pick panda, sylla, SD, WR and venge is insane!
even X!! storm cant do anything.
Philippinesrequiemzer0 2 years, 39 weeks ago
how could they let Burning pick sylla.. suprised.gifsuprised.gifsuprised.gifsuprised.gif
IndonesiaStevGo 2 years, 39 weeks ago
so strong bear GG burning use Bear = auto no cure tounge.gif
PhilippinesKhail 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Burning is just the type of player which utilizes safety + efficiency. Still farming from a far with his bear, with high rate of last hits. And he never stutters or gets confuse during clashes/team fights (I do sometimes). This guy's just cool, patient, awesome and legend-waitforit-dary.
Moldova, Republic ofsFth.epc 2 years, 39 weeks ago
IG top_1
DK top_2
Nirvana top_3
just give money to them without any tourtouments :D save time!
PhilippinesKhail 2 years, 39 weeks ago
tssss @14. DK won this tournament didn\'t you know?
Australia.. 2 years, 39 weeks ago
LOL Burning's Syllabear is just so boss.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 2 years, 39 weeks ago
clash of pandas... although i didn,t see storm more crash.gif
seaking!!! just take a look at burning cool.gifcool.gif
Afghanistantpvmaslo 2 years, 39 weeks ago
Philippineskarius17 2 years, 39 weeks ago
The Clash of the Pandas hehe.gif

ftw! bear is like a centaur!
Philippinesfash 2 years, 39 weeks ago
best chinese carry is burning.
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