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Mineski PowerColor vs

Posted by zGGLeoz
Added 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Event SMM 2011
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.24
Player one Mineski PowerColor
Player two
Display winner

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SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011 - Playoffs Loser Bracket

Philippines Mineski PowerColorChina
Lycanthrope Lone Druid Invoker
Stone Giant Broodmother Earthshaker
Lich Crystal Maiden
Slithereen Guard Obsidian Destroyer
Shadow Demon WindrunnerBatrider
Vengeful SpiritAncient Apparition Chaos Knight
Lord of Avernus Shadow Fiend
Nerubian Weaver Venomancer
Windrunner Mski.Jay.PColor (Top)
Shadow Fiend Mski.JLZ.PColor (Mid)
Lord of Avernus Mski.mAy.PColor (Bot)
Vengeful Spirit Mski.wtz.PColor (Jungle)
Shadow Demon Mski.RR!.PColor (Jungle)
Venomancer Nv.msi.banana (Top)
Batrider Nv.msi.SJQ (Top)
Chaos Knight Nv.msi.Seaking (Mid)
Ancient Apparition Nv.msi.357 (Mid)
Nerubian Weaver Nv.msi.XwkKx (Bot)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 47:05 Minutes
Patch: 1.24e


Current: 8.5 (50 votes)

Comments (Closed)

New ZealandEbbb 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Philippineshyhy18 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Otherslesh 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Epic performance by Crystal! And Props to Mski for coming this far and beating LGD twice!
Philippinessnapcase 4 years, 9 weeks ago
tnx for the replay! w8ing for mith mski replay soon
lol at the nvna ban slardar tiny es, they should at least give mski slardar hahah to have a good game :D
KazakhstanTheMagicaL 4 years, 9 weeks ago
357 <3 tounge.gif
Philippineswakiribit 4 years, 9 weeks ago
1st why mski no POTM
Austriaobsidiandestroyer 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Crystal @ sky.gif
PhilippinesPaPY-LoVe 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Its ok :D
PhilippinesRX_Xmark 4 years, 9 weeks ago
grats Mineski 3rd
Philippinescarlo1254 4 years, 9 weeks ago
#4 I heard the game was loaded so...maybe there is no replay.
congrats Mineski, 3rd place is a big achievement. PH pride!
United StatesCrush3d 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Crystal. True king of gankers.
Philippineswara_ka 4 years, 9 weeks ago
@ #4 i think theres no replay btween mski and mith bcoz its a load game!!!
Philippinesdwade2323 4 years, 9 weeks ago
now MI would know to always ban that BAT.. zzz
btw, what a respect for MI's Tiny ^^.gif
Turkeyvenom_ 4 years, 9 weeks ago
x wakawaka x
Germanyyoshi- 4 years, 9 weeks ago
PhilippinesOuchDamage 4 years, 9 weeks ago
How many times do you see everyday a chinese team banning Slardar in a high level tournament like this? Just goes to show how they respect mski. Enough said.
Philippineselijahsp 4 years, 9 weeks ago
nevermore doesnt fit the metagame anymore. potm could have been better.
Indonesiacloudss 4 years, 9 weeks ago
Crystall!! ^^.gif
Philippinessnapcase 4 years, 9 weeks ago
mski didnt saw the option on picking spec, weaver anti mage maybe because their captain is already exhausted in lgd mith game
Korea, Republic ofchocho 4 years, 9 weeks ago
lol @ pinoy pride....yuck. pinoys: "respect us" like a grovelling dogs
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