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DK vs Velocy Hyper

Posted by zGGLeoz
Added 2 years, 42 weeks ago
Event SMM 2011
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.24
Player one DK
Player two Velocy Hyper
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SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011 - Playoffs Winner Bracket

Round of 16
China DKIndonesia Velocy Hyper
Broodmother Earthshaker Windrunner
Batrider Invoker Prophet
Shadow Demon Ancient Apparition
Oblivion Nerubian Weaver
LycanthropeVengeful Spirit Stone Giant
Crystal Maiden Faerie DragonVenomancer
Pandaren Brewmaster Clockwerk
Shadow Shaman Ursa Warrior
Clockwerk DK.longdd (Top)
Faerie Dragon DK.Super! (Mid)
Pandaren Brewmaster DK.rOtK (Bot)
Crystal Maiden DK.ZippO (Bot)
Lycanthrope DK.BurNIng (Jungle)
Ursa Warrior VelocyHyper-NFR (Top)
Venomancer VelocyHyper-CJ7 (Top)
Shadow Shaman VelocyHyper-SCL (Mid)
Stone Giant VeLocyHyper-Y2K (Mid)
Vengeful Spirit VelocyHyper-CK (Jungle)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 28:18 Minutes
Patch: 1.24e


Current: 6.5 (21 votes)

Comments (Closed)

IndonesiaBELLUGA 2 years, 42 weeks ago
holyshit, another DK raped...
Philippineswesker 2 years, 42 weeks ago
putang ina naman.. kantot
OtherZahno 2 years, 42 weeks ago
ursa long time no see :D
IndonesiaOrcisHlHorde 2 years, 42 weeks ago
Velocy unusual play....looks like a pubber, maybe they're too nervous or somethin facing DK. Reminds me the match between PANZER vs MUFC not too long ago. Exactly the same situation
Indonesiaabad_21guns 2 years, 42 weeks ago
maybe just believe in luck , indonesian team vs DK atm satisfied.gif
Belarusmistik 2 years, 42 weeks ago
DK?vau.gifvau.gifvau.gif I leave dota 2 game just now to watch this as much faster
AND OMG NOT BAN LYCAN. How indonesian can be so stuped. Another way they can have 30min more game
Indonesiawillson 2 years, 42 weeks ago
this just make indonesia shame..
better XT vs DK..
they think this fun match..
IndonesiaDenzetsu 2 years, 42 weeks ago
i could not believe this is the same team who become runner-up at wcg..3hero died by lycan alone..miss stun
Indonesiasetsuna 2 years, 42 weeks ago
Velocy still lucky DK not pick Syla too crazy.gif
Indonesiakahiong 2 years, 42 weeks ago
what's with the pick?
don't u learn something from xt vs mspr!!
Indonesiawepwaweta 2 years, 42 weeks ago
please support comment they doing the best to be the winner crash.gif
Indonesiawillson 2 years, 42 weeks ago
idiotic gameplay by velocy
Othergameplayer1000001 2 years, 42 weeks ago
wkwkwk... dodoll....

dk just too good for velocy...

"anjing longdd, bangsad.."

berat dah lawan dk mah..., wajar kalah...
but dont give up yet velocy... ^^.gif

for indonesians who speak bad about velocy, at least they in winner bracket, like u can win again this team, begoo loe pada, bukannya ngasih smangat...

Indonesiariezey 2 years, 42 weeks ago
wakakkwa gl gl next match
Indonesiamamz 2 years, 42 weeks ago
can't stand a chance against DK but GL on loser bracket GO velocy hyper
IndonesiaPocongLoncatII 2 years, 42 weeks ago
#6 indonesian can be so stupid?i cant even see belarus team on gosu sleepy.gif
Indonesiamelchior 2 years, 42 weeks ago
another fail team huh ? sleepy.gif
Indonesiayudhi_master 2 years, 42 weeks ago
I am not also sure about them in losser bracket.. sleepy.gif

Well, good luck velocy..
IndonesiaxiaoxinPPYS 2 years, 42 weeks ago
dont comment like that if you can not do blush.gif

who else will support team indonesia if not the person Indonesia
Malaysianarutoalik_87 2 years, 42 weeks ago
People often blame the team after they lost. I mean come on guys they've tried their best at least give them some morale support instead of whining for their loses here. Jeez! Keep on supporting and believing in them so they can be better in the future! PeAcE wink.gif
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