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The.Net.Com vs PlainWater

Posted by zGGLeoz
Added 2 years, 34 weeks ago
Event SMM 2011
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.24
Player one The.Net.Com
Player two PlainWater
Display winner

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SMM Grand National DotA Tournament 2011

Group A
Philippines The.Net.ComMalaysia PlainWater
Oblivion Invoker Batrider
Shadow Demon Prophet Lycanthrope
Enchantress Nerubian Weaver
Lich Venomancer
WindrunnerVengeful Spirit Faerie Dragon
Ancient Apparition EarthshakerClockwerk
Demon Witch Anti-Mage
Crystal Maiden Stealth Assassin
Windrunner XctN.doc.TnC (Top)
Demon Witch XctN.V3KI.TnC (Mid)
Anti-Mage XctN.DoA.TnC (Bot)
Ancient Apparition XctN.LeumiK.TnC (Jungle)
Earthshaker XctN.Pty.TnC (Jungle)
Crystal Maiden pW.aBc~ (Top)
Vengeful Spirit pW.TsPPenG (Top)
Stealth Assassin pW.NaruTo (Top)
Faerie Dragon pW.kkweeeeee (Mid)
Clockwerk pW.=]]] (Jungle)

GameMode: -cm
Length: 41:51 Minutes
Patch: 1.24e


Current: 8.0 (8 votes)

Comments (Closed)

Philippinesjhing2x 2 years, 34 weeks ago
good start xctn
PhilippinesIAmNoobish 2 years, 34 weeks ago
Philippinesbrian14 2 years, 34 weeks ago
nice swan
Malaysiae-momo 2 years, 34 weeks ago
riki autolose
PhilippinesDeus.nOel 2 years, 34 weeks ago
Bussssss yaaaaaaaaaaaan! :))
PhilippinesMugiwaraLuffy 2 years, 34 weeks ago
wow riki
Viet Namcr4zygun96 2 years, 34 weeks ago
GosuGamers-[Stealth%20Assassin].png Naruto
Lost crazy.gif
MongoliaThelastheaven 2 years, 34 weeks ago
Naruto no rasengan=no chance
Greececrossmax 2 years, 34 weeks ago
He wasn't on sage mode, that's for sure... He's always been like these.. Using crappy techniques such as subtitution jutsu just to make himself avoid spells doesn't give him the game...

Btw, what's that with PH's team name? wasn't it different? :P
Australiathe.bouncer 2 years, 34 weeks ago
#9 XctN (Execration)...The.Net.Com is their LAN shop sponsor hence the name
Philippinessweetos 2 years, 34 weeks ago
watched the replay and it was so boring, RAPE!
MalaysiaScarlet 2 years, 34 weeks ago
bad lion :S
Philippinestieyourshoeclap 2 years, 34 weeks ago
oh oh pw :D
Indonesiagr351 2 years, 34 weeks ago
where ewe?
PhilippinesBucs 2 years, 34 weeks ago
@14 Ewe was removed from the team and Doc replaced him
PhilippinesKeepClean 2 years, 34 weeks ago
1 malaysia team down
Russian FederationSmeagol- 2 years, 34 weeks ago
Good to see a Rikimaru used in cw. Sadly though that they lost.
Iran, Islamic Republic ofmohy 2 years, 34 weeks ago
battle furi and vanguard by 15min very nice
pw just has two good reporter santa.gif
New ZealandBLHF 2 years, 34 weeks ago
They do lol.

Maybe Riki should've gone for Vanguard, then he wouldn't be harrased out of lane by WR when his two supports left top lane.

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