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JRK vs BinarY

Posted by Wilco
Added 3 years, 38 weeks ago
Event Citluk
Map v6.72f
Patch 1.26
Player one JRK
Player two BinarY
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Citluk DotA LAN

Finals Game 2
Croatia JRK Bosnia and Herzegovina BinarY
Shadow Demon Lich Ancient Apparition
Broodmother Invoker Prophet
Faerie Dragon Tidehunter
Lifestealer Lycanthrope
Earthshaker Priestess of the MoonNight Stalker
EnigmaSpectre Vengeful Spirit
Faceless Void Obsidian DestroyerClockwerk Witch Doctor
Obsidian Destroyer Slavko (Mid)
Priestess of the Moon sleep^2 (Top)
Earthshaker Cobra (Bot)
Faceless Void Torca (Bot)
Enigma KaMiKaZa-_- (Bot)
Clockwerk Binary.Zephiros (Bot)
Spectre Binary.Ale� (Top)
Vengeful Spirit Binary.MaMeLuKe (Top)
Witch Doctor Binary.Madchen (Top)
Night Stalker Binary.SataN (Mid)

GameMode: -cmzm
Length: 53:31 Minutes


Match Stats


Current: 6.0 (6 votes)

Comments (Closed)

United StatesWilco 3 years, 38 weeks ago
If someone knows country of JRK, message me and I will update.
Russian FederationRossoneri 3 years, 38 weeks ago
Slavko rocks!
BulgariaWoMbO_CoMbO 3 years, 38 weeks ago
finals game 1 for both games ? manyhappy.gif
CroatiaFarmWithMe 3 years, 38 weeks ago
#1 Croatia
SwedenTuuumAZ 3 years, 38 weeks ago
lol this venge x_x /eyesbleed
Croatiamadchen 3 years, 38 weeks ago
Just few things:

- This was LAN event in Herzegovina
- Binary had 1-0 since they came from winner bracket
- Some pictures:
- Dunno what happend with first game between JRK and Binary (When they played winner bracket) which was pretty good
GermanyFr4nkyb0y 3 years, 38 weeks ago
That pic is so awesome.

30 guys watching on a like 17" monitor hanging on the wall, better than nothing though ^^.gif
Croatiamadchen 3 years, 38 weeks ago

It's 32'' at least or even more.
GermanyPernodCola 3 years, 38 weeks ago
this team not good
PhilippinesTearsAndGoodByes 3 years, 36 weeks ago
oh!!! sucks man crazy.gif

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